Jane McKinney

Associate Professor

Phone: (615) 963-7512
Office: Elliott (WB) - 109D
Email: jaminart@bellsouth.net

Jane-Allen McKinney, M.F.A., M.A., B.A., creates monumental sculptures in metal; figurative & clay portraits; smaller sculptures in bronze, aluminum, brass, copper, glass or wood; jewelry in precious metals and stones.  I specialize in creating artwork for people and corporations that emphasize their uniqueness and strive to represent this through iconography utilizing lost wax casting, repousse, metal fabrication, slip rolling or wood lamination.

Collections:  Oprah Winfrey, Wilma Rudolph, Barbara Mandrell, former USA Vice President AL Gore’s mother, Pauline, the Hermitage Museum, Gene Autrey Museum, Sherith Temple Israel, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, Country Music Association      

Monumental sculptures:  Olympic Plaza, the TSU Olympian, 46’-6” ht, Tennessee State - Aquatic Mobile, 15’-5”h x 20’w x 20’d, Chattanooga Visitor’s Center, TN - Chairs of Excellence & Scrolls of Honor, 25’ht x 20’w x 5.2’d, TSU - A Commitment to Excellence, 17’-2”h x 15’w x 15’d, Mobile TSU, - Aquatic Mobile, 15’-5”h x 20’w x 20’d, Chattanooga Visitor’s Center,       

Highlights of Exhibitions, Artist Talks, Commisssions, Publications: Frist Visual Arts Center, Vanderbilt University, Cheekwood Museum, Tennessee State Museum. Owensboro Museum of Fine Art, KY, Evansville Museum of Art, Nashville Baptist Hospital, Ceramics: Art & Perception Magazine article, Artstravaganza Pavilion Chattanooga, TN, 

Classes taught at TSU:  Sculpture, Jewelry, Honors Art Appreciation 

JaneAllen.com    JaneAllenMcKinney.com

TSU Olympian, view from football field        Olympian rising at TSU

Committment to Excellence        Flighton Eagle Woman w Engraved Wings

Lift your partner and Dance              jane

 Chairs of Excellence and Scrolls of Honor

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