The Center for Student Achievement, Retention, and Success

The mission of the Center for Student Achievement, Retention, and Success is to provide comprehensive and holistic academic support to Tennessee State University students at all levels from freshmen to graduate twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. Because of the multicultural nature of our student body as well as other diversity factors, students have varying educational needs and goals that must be addressed if they are to succeed academically. In addressing these needs and goals, STARS adheres to best practices in techniques and methods with a variety of instructional materials and uses the most current approaches to academic support.

STARS seeks to fulfill student needs through a variety of presentation methods both online and on ground. Collaboration is essential to the existence of STARS. Collaboration among faculty instructional staff, and advisors is essential to provide comprehensive learning. Collaboration among students is essential for the promotion of teamwork, critical thinking, and academic excellence. In a student-centered learning environment, STARS supports the enhancement of basic and advanced skills for the promotion of lifelong learning and service in a global society. THINK! WORK! SERVE!
Students deserve instructors and professional staff who are accountable, accurate, respectful, honest, supportive, and professional. In order to serve students well, academic faculty/staff understand that they are responsible to many constituents who comprise our academic communities.  This is the foundation on which the following core values rest.
- As educators, we acknowledge and embrace the multi-culturalism and diversity of our society.

- As educators acknowledging all student's rights to educational opportunity, we recognize and, to the best of our abilities,  
  accommodate the special needs of those students who are physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged.

- Each person is a unique individual whose individuality should be accepted, respected, and taken into consideration in the  
  teaching/learning process.

- As educators, we believe that creativity and autonomy are essential aspects of the human condition and they should be
  encouraged and valued in ourselves and our students.

- As educators, we believe that time is one of the most valuable tools we have available to us and students should be taught to
  organize their tasks so that they manage time well.

- As educators, we believe that technology is a valuable educational tool and students should be taught competency
  in its use.

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