Wei Liu

Project Management:

  1. Beijing Fruit Vegetables Innovation Team "Nutrient solution formula study for tomato and cucumber" (2014-2018)
  2. "The 12th Five-Year" National science and technology project "Effects of nutrient solution disinfection technology on the growth and quality of vegetables" (2013-2017)
  3. National spark plan "The integration and extension of key vegetable production technology for safe and high efficiency" (2012-2014)
  4. Innovation Ability construction project of BAAFS "Substrate culture technology for long-season-crop vegetable cultivation" (2011-2013)
  5. "12th Five-Year" National Science and Technology Project "Research and demonstration of closed soilless culture technology" (2011-2013).


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  1. Beijing Municipal science and Technology Award, the second prize (2009)
  2. Beijing Municipal Agricultural Technology Extension Award, the first prize (2007)
  3. Beijing Municipal Agricultural Technology Extension Award, the second prize (2005)
  4. Beijing Municipal Agricultural Technology Extension Award, the second prize (2001)

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