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Distance Education

Online Courses

Tennessee State University (TSU) offers distance education courses and degree programs through two avenues - TSU Online and TN eCampus. Courses are delivered via eLearn@Tnstate, the University's course management system. The two programs are designated in the course schedule as section 98 or sections R50, R01, R25 and R80 respectively. 

Online Student Portal (myTSU)  

Tennessee State University has an online student portal for all students called "myTSU." This portal allows students who register online to view account balances and financial aid status, pay fees, print class schedules, etc. Students can access this portal at Contact the TSU Help Desk to resolve any technical difficulties experienced with "myTSU" at (615) 963-7777 or via e-mail at

Online Bookstore  

TSU Online (section 98) - Distance Education students at Tennessee State University may order books online through the TSU Bookstore at, or they may call (615) 963-7568.

TN eCampus (sections R50, R01, R25, R80) - TSU students taking any TN eCampus course must order books online through the TN eCampus Bookstore.


TSU Distance Education may be required to sit for a proctored examination during the mid-term and final examination. Tennessee State University coordinates with a select number of 'verified sites.'  For assistance with making site arrangements for a proctor or to schedule a proctored exam, contact the TSU Testing Center at (615) 963-7111.

Technical Support

TSU Online (section 98) - Technical Support is available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (615) 963-7777 or via e-mail

TN eCampus (sections R50, R01, R25, R80) - Technical Support is available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (888) 223-0023 or via e-mail at

Online Student Support Services

Distance education students are provided with support counselors who are available by phone and/or e-mail. To contact a counselor, call (615) 963-7001 or e-mail at

Online Library

Tennessee State University has extensive online library resources consisting of online databases and e-books. To access TSU library resources go to web site and select the library link. The online library offers a virtual librarian for library related questions and assistance with research. For more information about TSU Online Library resources, call (615) 963-5211.  TSU students taking TN eCampus courses may access the TN eCampus online library resources through their course in the Learning Management System.







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