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SADLER, JOSHUA  Women's Softball  Assistant Coach 1    615-963-5000 
STEWART, ALEXANDRIA  Title III Instructional  Graduate Assistant    615-963-5000 
SMITH, DANA  Extension Services Restricted  Marketing & Commun Coordinator    615-963-5000 
SMITH, ROBERT  Criminal Justice  Assistant Professor    615-963-5032 
SWOPE, S  Athletic Restricted  Athletic Trainer    615-963-5034 
SIBULKIN, AMY  Psychology  Professor    615-963-5088 
SIMS, JOEL  Procurement  Director of Procurement    615-963-5146 
SHIVE, JOSHUA  Psychology  Associate Professor    615-963-5160 
STRAIN, BILLY  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    615-963-5171 
SPANGLER, SHARON  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    615-963-5171 
STRINGER, JOYCE  Housing Security  Communication Shift Supervisor    615-963-5171 
STEWARD, TIFFANY  First-Year Students  Assistant Vice President    615-963-5173 
SANG, YONGMING  Agricultural Science  Associate Professor    615-963-5183 
SMITH, VANESSA  Library  Library Assistant 1--PT    615-963-5203 
SMITH, SHARON  Library  Assistant Professor    615-963-5219 
SWANSON, MARY  Library  Library Manager    615-963-5242 
SMITH, JESSICA  Health Services  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    615-963-5258 
SMITH, ZAHEERAH  Division of Nursing  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-5273 
SPEARS, LINDA  Human Resources  Assoc. VP Human Resources/CHRO    615-963-5282 
SIMS, RONDA  Records  Records Associate    615-963-5300 
STRICKLAND, ALBANUS  Assoc VP Student Svc  Bldg Activities Supervisor-PT    615-963-5310 
SYED, RABIA  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research    615-963-5321 
SIDDIQUEE, TASNEEM  Chemistry  Associate Professor    615-963-5337 
SEXTON, JAMES  Band  Assistant Director    615-963-5349 
SMITH, LATOYA  Health Services  Temporary Help Non Exempt    615-963-5361 
SULAEMAN, SAMER  Electrical Engr  Assistant Professor    615-963-5362 
SUTTON, WILLIAM  Agricultural Science Restricted  Research Assistant Professor    615-963-5374 
SHIRKHODAIE, AMIR  Mechanical Engr  Professor    615-963-5396 
SI, HONGWEI  Agricultural Science - Dean Rest  Research Associate Professor    615-963-5443 
STEWART, RHONDA  Teacher Ed Studnt Sv  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-5450 
STEWART-STARKS, DIANNE  Extension Services Restricted  Program Assistant/ Dyer Cty    615-963-5491 
SHIRANI, MOHSEN  Physics and Math  Teacher 2    615-963-5498 
SCHMELLER, ERIK  History, Geography, & Political Sci  Professor    615-963-5510 
SOWERS, ERNEST  Physics and Math  Teacher 2    615-963-5573 
SPURLOCK, ROSA  HPSS  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-5581 
SPRINGER, LYDIA  Early Learning Ctr  Cook 1--Part Time    615-963-5601 
SULLIVAN, PAULINE  Fam and Consumer Science  Associate Professor    615-963-5626 
SIMS I, AHMAD  Instructional Support  Director of Advisement    615-963-5653 
STARACE, ADAM  Facilities Management  Manager,Customer Srv/Info Tech    615-963-5670 
SMITH, TOMMI  Facilities Management  Assistant Director    615-963-5683 
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