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WILLIAMS, HOLLY  Extension Services  Extension Agent-Monroe County  412-442-2433 
WILLIAMSON, MICHAEL  COE Learning Sciences  Research Specialist  615-227-1603 
WILLIAMS, VALERIE  COE Learning Sciences  Associate Director  615-277-1677 
WALSH, LISA  COE Learning Sciences  Temporary Help Exempt  615-277-1690 
WILLIAMS, BRITTANY  COE Learning Sciences  Child Care Specialist  615-277-1690 
WAKEFIELD, MARY  Extension Services  Extension Agent  615-862-5995 
WEST, SUSAN  Service Learning Ctr  Assessment Coordinator  615-963-1249 
WATT, KATLYN  Extension Services  Extension Agent-Gibson Co  615-963-1351 
WATTS, CHERYL  Human Resources  Human Resources Assist II(93%)  615-963-1551 
WALKER, MARY  Education Part-Time Faculty  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-1593 
WHITE, CHELSEA  Extension Services  Program Assistant  615-963-1827 
WINROW, GRANT  President's Office  Coordinator  615-963-1880 
WILLIAMS, GREGORY  Hale Hall  Director-Hale Hall  615-963-2002 
WILLIAMS, FREDA  Transportation  Bus Driver  615-963-2162 
WILLIAMS, ZAKIYAH  Physics and Math  Administrative Assistant III  615-963-2518 
WINSTON, TAMEKA  Communications  Assistant Professor  615-963-2521 
WANG, XIAOFEI  Biological Sciences  Associate Professor  615-963-2541 
WILSON, DEREK  Admissions  Admissions Counselor  615-963-4881 
WILLIAMS, ERIC  Institutional Effectiveness  Temporary Help Exempt  615-963-4926 
WINN, JEWELL  Diversity and International Affairs  Exec Dir International Prog  615-963-4977 
WEATHERFORD, JASON  Information Technology  Computer Lab Technician  615-963-4990 
WILSON, DAVID  Communications  Radio/TV Engineer  615-963-4993 
WADE, BETTY  Finance and Accounting  Administrative Assistant IV  615-963-5005 
WEST, VICKIE  Finance and Accounting  Account Clerk 3  615-963-5012 
WALEN, DANIEL  Athletic Trainer  Assistant Athletic Trainer  615-963-5034 
WILLIAMS, LARRY  Football  Assistant Coach 1  615-963-5034 
WYANT, STEVEN  Athletics Director  Temporary Help Non Exempt  615-963-5034 
WILLIAMS, JEANNE  Records  Admission & Records Lead Work  615-963-5101 
WASHINGTON, CLARISSA  Admissions  Administrative Assistant IV  615-963-5101 
WEBB, THURMAN  Psychology  Assistant Professor  615-963-5141 
WOLK, CINDI  Education Part-Time Faculty  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters  615-963-5141 
WATSON, ROBIN  Development  Asst VP Inst Advancement  615-963-5147 
WATTS, LATOYIA  TSU Police Dept  Dispatcher 1  615-963-5171 
WILHOITE, KAREN  Housing Maintenance  Police Officer I  615-963-5171 
WILSON, STEPHANY  TSU Police Dept  Temporary Help Non-Exempt  615-963-5171 
WILLIAMS, JOY  TSU Police Dept  Security Officer 1  615-963-5171 
WALLACE, SHIRLEY  Library  Library Assistant 2  615-963-5232 
WITHERSPOON, JAMES  Procurement  Postal Clerk  615-963-5246 
WHALEN, MARGARET  Chemistry  Professor  615-963-5247 
WILTCHER, EDWARD  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor  615-963-5253 
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