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GREEN, JERRY  Facilities Management  Utility Heavy Equipment Operat    615-963-5703 
GOODMAN, LINDA  Procurement  Travel Coordinator    615-963-1891 
GRAY, JASMINE  Title III Institutional Support  Temporary Help Non Exempt    Unknown 
GREER, JESSIE  Power Plant  Temporary Help Non Exempt    615-963-5969 
GOMES DA SILVA NETO, JERONIMO  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Temporary Help Non Exempt    615-963-5000 
GRAY, CLINTON  Athletics Director  Temporary Help Exempt    615-963-7562 
GRIFFIN, JANEEN  Research,Econ & Comm Dev Found Rest  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    615-963-7464 
GLENN, CARLTON  Housing Maintenance  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    Unknown 
GATES, TANYA  Speech Pathology Restricted  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    615-963-5100 
GRIFFITH, DYLAN  Music  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters    Unknown 
GORDON, PATRICE  Lang and Literature and Phil  Technician    615-963-1535 
GORDON, RUTH  Dean of Education  Senior Office Assistant    615-963-5451 
GOOCH, ZANETTA  President's Office  Senior Office Assistant    615-963-7401 
GREEN, KRISTIE  Dean of Liberal Arts  Senior Office Assistant    615-963-7516 
GRANBERRY, LA'KENDRA  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    Unknown 
GAWARGI, HOSAM  Parking Services  Security & Parking Officer    615-963-1482 
GOOCH, ROYETTA  TSU Police Dept  Secretary 3 - PT    615-963-1864 
GRANBERRY, PATRICK  Title III Institutional Support  Research/Tech Assoc/Contr/Trv    615-963-7061 
GUNTHER, DARLENE  Extension Services State Allotment  Research Associate Campus    615-963-6642 
GREEN, JORDAN  Records  Records Associate    Unknown 
GREEN, WILLIS  Extension Services Restricted  Program Assistant- Shelby Co    901-752-1207 
GARDNER, QUEEN  Extension Services Restricted  Program Assist/ Shelby Cty    901-752-1207 
GHOSH, SOUMENDRA  Economics and Finance  Professor    615-963-7172 
GIBRAN, DANIEL  History, Geography, & Political Sci  Professor    615-963-5650 
GODWIN, SANDRIA  Fam and Consumer Science  Professor    615-963-5619 
GLIMPS, BLANCHE  Teaching and Learning  Professor    615-963-1346 
GUO, XINGKUI  Art  Professor    615-963-2128 
GLOVER, GLENDA  President's Office  President    615-963-7401 
GREEN, HORACE  TSU Police Dept  Police Officer I    Unknown 
GLENN, HENRY  Plumbing Maintenance  Plumber    Unknown 
GRACE, GARY  Center For Extended Ed  Media Technician-Part Time    615-963-7284 
GREEN, MARLAH  Facilities Management  Manager    615-963-5154 
GAINES, O'RONNIE  Plumbing Maintenance  Maintenance Utility Worker    615-963-5671 
GAYLE, MAURICE  Chemistry  Lab Coordinator - Part Time    615-963-5000 
GUNDI, KIRMANJ  Educational Admin  Interim Dept Chair/ Professor    615-963-2299 
GLENN, MILLICENT  Facilities Management  Housekeeper    615-963-5688 
GREEN, PAQUITA  Title III Institutional Support  Grants Project Assistant    Unknown 
GYAWALI, BINOD  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research    Unknown 
GURUNG, SUNIL  Extension Services Restricted  Graduate Assistant    Unknown 
GORDON, NIA  Extension Services Restricted  Graduate Assistant    Unknown 
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