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BAILEY, PRECIOUS  Academic Counselor  Acad Coordinator/Counselor    615-963-5042 
BONNER, KIMI  Instructional Support Restricted  Academic Advisor    615-963-7997 
BROWN, SHEILA  Information Technology  Account Clerk 2    615-963-7611 
BROWN, DIANA  Copying Service  Account Clerk 3    615-963-5188 
BOLDEN, VIRGIE  Extension Services Restricted  Admin Assistant II/ Dyer Cty.    731-286-7821 
BUGGS, COURTNEY  Media Relations  Admin Asst/Media Rel Coordinat    615-963-5331 
BROWN, TIFFANIE  Aeronautical and Industrial Tech  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-5371 
BROWN, CARLA  Economics and Finance  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-7145 
BOOKER, SALLIE  Architectural Engr  Administrative Assistant IV    615-963-5401 
BROWN, LASONIA  Extension Services Restricted  Administrative Assistant IV    615-963-1351 
BELL-FITTS, LATONYA  VP Student Affairs  Administrative Assistant IV    615-963-5179 
BYERS, CHARLENE  Admissions  Admissions Associate    615-963-5101 
BRYANT, DIANNE  Teacher Ed Studnt Sv  Analyst 1    615-963-5484 
BRADFORD, ANTONIO  Football  Assistant Coach 2    615-963-5964 
BROWN, SANDRA  Human Resources  Assistant Director of HR    615-963-5288 
BARBO, CHRISTY  Financial Aid  Assistant Director-Loans    615-963-7497 
BAKER, TIFFANY  Financial Aid  Assistant Director-Scholarship    615-963-4983 
BALLARD DE RUIZ, ALETA  Art  Assistant Professor    615-963-5623 
BARWICK, COREY  History, Geography, & Political Sci  Assistant Professor    Unknown 
BATTISTE, GWENDOLYN  Dental Hygiene  Assistant Professor    615-963-1473 
BEANE, CARLOS  Aeronautical and Industrial Tech  Assistant Professor    615-963-5368 
BEARD, LAUREN  Occupational Therapy  Assistant Professor    Unknown 
BATTS, BRENDA  Cardio-Resp Care Sci  Assistant Professor    615-963-1240 
BENNETT, GUINEVERE  Occupational Therapy  Assistant Professor    615-963-7490 
BROWN, CHARLES  Health Admin and Scien  Assistant Professor    615-963-7332 
BROWN, KEISHA  History, Geography, & Political Sci  Assistant Professor    615-963-5000 
BRYAN, KISHA  Teaching and Learning  Assistant Professor    Unknown 
BOYKINS, CAROLLYN  Extension Services Restricted  Assistant Professor    Unknown 
BONE, REBECCA  Nursing Education  Assistant Professor    615-963-7613 
BROOKS, JAMES  Psychology  Assistant Professor    615-963-5345 
BRAHMA, SWASTIK  Computer Science  Assistant Professor    615-963-5852 
BURDICK, DELPHINE  Health Sciences Part-Time Faculty  Assistant Professor    615-963-5277 
BURRELL, WANDA  Health Admin and Scien  Assistant Professor    615-963-7334 
BARNHILL, TAMARA  COE Learning Sciences Restricted  Assistant Program Director    615-277-1660 
BURCH-SIMS, GRETHA  Institutional Effectiveness  Assistant Vice President    615-963-7043 
BELL, JENNIFER  Athletics Director  Associate Director    615-963-5887 
BEKELE, GASHAWBEZA  History, Geography, & Political Sci  Associate Professor    615-963-5499 
BENI, RYAN  Chemistry  Associate Professor    615-963-5333 
BERTRAND, MICHAEL  History, Geography, & Political Sci  Associate Professor    615-963-1376 
BHATT, GHAN  Physics and Math  Associate Professor    615-963-2530 
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