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OWENS, NATALIE  Extension Services Restricted  Program Field Manager  615-963-1233 
OATIS-BALLEW, ROBIN  Psychology  Associate Professor  615-963-1558 
OUYANG, LIZHI  Physics and Math  Associate Professor  615-963-1680 
OPDENBROUW, THOMAS  Women's Softball  Head Coach  615-963-2136 
OHAIR, JOSHUA  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research  615-963-2146 
OTIS, MARY  Financial Services  Account Clerk 3  615-963-2149 
OGLETON, GINA  University Call Center  Call Center Representative  615-963-5000 
OTEY, ALAN  Agricultural Science Restricted  Research Assistant  615-963-5016 
OWEN, VANESSA  Library  Assistant Professor  615-963-5226 
OKORO, COSMAS  Chemistry  Professor  615-963-5332 
ONYEBUEKE, LANDON  Mechanical Engr  Professor  615-963-5425 
OYEBADE, ADEBAYO  History, Geography, & Political Sci  Professor/ Dept. Head  615-963-5506 
OATES, VERONICA  Fam and Consumer Science  Associate Professor  615-963-5625 
ORTIZ, AVIS  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research  615-963-5760 
OKAFOR, MARK  Extension Services State Allotment  Graduate Assistant - Research  615-963-5761 
OWENS, MARIO  Center For Extended Ed  Instructional Designer  615-963-7013 
ORDUNG, JOHN  TN Small Bus Restricted  Director  615-963-7158 
OLORUNNIWO, FESTUS  Business Admin  Professor  615-963-7346 
OWENS, LETHIA  Center For Extended Ed  Temporary Help Non-Exempt  615-963-7363 
OGBEIWI, ALYSIA  Testing Admin  Testing Supervisor  615-963-7386 
OLIVER, JASON  Mcminnville Nursery Crop Rsh Sta  Research Associate Professor  931-668-3572 
O'NEAL, PAUL  Mcminnville Nursery Crop Rsh Sta  Research Associate  931-815-5169 
OGUNMOLA, OLORUNLOBA  Occupational Therapy  Graduate Assistant-Research  Unknown 
OMOBITAN, OMOBOLAJI  TSU Ag and Envir Research  Graduate Assistant - Research  Unknown 
ONDZIGHI-ASSOUME, CHRISTINE  Agricultural Science  Assistant Professor  Unknown 
OLIVER, JARED  Agricultural Science Restricted  Temporary Help Non Exempt  Unknown 

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