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NELSON, KAMEKA  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    Unknown 
NORTHERN, FREDA  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    Unknown 
NIX-DAVIS, SHIRLEY  Service Learning Center Restricted  Program Director    615-963-1243 
NELSON, JENNIFER  Procurement  Associate Director    615-963-5190 
NICHOLAS-PHILLIPS, ARLENE  President's Office  Executive Assist/Board Liaison    615-963-7427 
NAGARAJAN, GOVINDASWAMY  Physics and Math  Professor    615-963-7990 
NOBLE-BRITTON, PINKY  Nursing Education  BSN Director /Assoc Prof    615-963-7615 
NEWSOM, ANDRE'  Music  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters    615-963-5063 
NETTLES, DARRYL  Music  Associate Professor    615-963-5358 
NORALS, LARYTA  Liberal Arts Summer School Salaries  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters    615-963-5738 
NEAL, KELLE  Lang and Literature and Phil  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters    615-963-5949 
NANDZO, JOHN  Instructional Support  Teacher 2    615-963-5572 
NYANGE, COURTNEY  Health Sciences Part-Time Faculty  Inter AASN Prog Dir/ Asso Prof    615-963-2129 
NANDWANI, DILIP  Extension Services Restricted  Research Associate Professor    615-963-1897 
NEAL, MARY  Extension Services Restricted  Extension Agent/ Dyer Cty.    731-286-7821 
NEAL, RABIE  Extension Services Restricted  Admin Assistant II/ Shelby Cty    901-752-1207 
NEAL, DAVE  Extension Services Restricted  Coordinator    615-963-2519 
NELSON, MONTINA  Educational Admin  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-5450 
NKOSI, MILLINGO  Economics and Finance  Temp Instruction-Two Semesters    Unknown 
NAYLOR, KRISTEN  Dir Of Residence Life  Housing Assign/Occupancy Mgr    615-963-7659 
NORTHINGTON, BEN  Development  Director of Fiscal Affairs    615-963-5522 
NOVOTNY, MEGGAN  Ctr for Health Research Restricted  Temporary Help Non Exempt    Unknown 
NETTLES, EVELYN  Center For Extended Ed  Associate Vice President    615-963-7004 
NEVILL, TERRENCE  Athletics Director  Media Coordinator    615-963-5034 
NAHASHON, SAMUEL  Agricultural Science  Interim Dept Head/ Professor    615-963-2575 

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To request changes to the directory, please submit your changes to:
 Cathy Hanley (phone: x5281)



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