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JACKSON, JANE  Accounting and Law  Associate Professor    615-963-7427 
JERMAKOWICZ, EVA  Accounting and Law  Professor    615-963-7052 
JOHNSON, QUEEN  Accounting and Payroll  Account Clerk 3    615-963-7604 
JOLLEY, EVERETT  Admissions  Director of Recruitment    615-963-2594 
JONES, JOVON  Admissions  Associate Director of Recruit    615-963-5122 
JOLLEY, ELEASE  Agricultural Science Restricted  Manager, Office Oper. & Events    615-963-5825 
JOHNSON, CARLYLE  Art  Department Head    615-963-5921 
JOHNSON, COURTNEY  Art  Director    615-963-5921 
JOHNSON, LUCILLE  Assoc VP Student Svc  Technician-PT    615-963-5308 
JORDAN, VALENCIA  Athletics Director  Coordinator    615-963-5754 
JOHNSON, TERRANCE  Biological Sciences  Department Head    615-963-5748 
JENNINGS, JORDAN  Biological Sciences  Graduate Assistant-Teaching    Unknown 
JOLAYEMI, JOEL  Business Admin  Professor    615-963-7134 
JENNINGS, CHARLES  Career Center  Director Career Devl't Ctr    615-963-7465 
JONES, MARGARETTE  Center For Extended Ed  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    Unknown 
JONES, RHONDA  Center For Extended Ed  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    615-963-7002 
JOSLIN, WILLIAM  Center For Extended Ed  Counselor    615-963-7156 
JONES, YARITZA  Chemistry  Laboratory Technician    615-963-5323 
JONES-LEE, BRENTERA  COE Learning Sciences Restricted  Teacher    731-587-3917 
JOHNSON, KIMBERLY  Communications  Associate Professor    615-963-2522 
JAMES, LAWRENCE  Communications  Professor    615-963-5809 
JAMAL, VALA  Computer Science  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    Unknown 
JENKINS, STEVEN  Computer Science  Graduate Assistant-Teaching    Unknown 
JAMES, HEATHER  Counseling Services  Counselor    615-963-5637 
JONES, MELISSA  Ctr for Health Research Restricted  Temporary Help Non Exempt    Unknown 
JONES, JESSICA  Ctr for Health Research Restricted  Temporary Help Non Exempt    615-277-1669 
JACKSON, DEBRA  Curriculum Lab  Director    615-963-5480 
JAMES, KIMBERLY  Dean of Business  Director    615-963-7136 
JORDAN, TRINA  Dean of Graduate Studies  Director    615-963-7306 
JOHNSON, GLORIA  Dean of Liberal Arts  Dean of Liberal Arts    615-963-7518 
JONES, SUNZA  Dental Hygiene  Dental Clinic Assistant    615-963-5835 
JEFFERSON, ANGIE  Dir Of Residence Life  Coordinator    615-963-7659 
JOHNSON, MELVIN  Economics and Finance  Professor-Econ & Finance    615-963-7218 
JOAQUIM, AKINWUNMI  Electrical Engr  Graduate Assistant-Research    615-963-5000 
JONES, PATRICIA  Emergency Management  Office Manager    615-963-1489 
JONGA, TINOTENDA  Engineering Restricted  Graduate Assistant    Unknown 
JULAKANTI, SHARATH  Extension Services Restricted  Graduate Assistant - Research    615-963-5000 
JONES, KAREN  Extension Services Restricted  Extension Agent-Haywood    615-963-5967 
JACKSON, WHITNEY  Extension Services Restricted  Extension Agent II -Bledsoe Co    931-484-6743 
JACKSON, JANIEL  Extension Services State Allotment  Graduate Assistant - Research    Unknown 
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