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FAGBUYI, OLUWATOSIN  Civil and Envir Eng  Graduate Assistant-Teaching    Unknown 
FAIN, WILLIAM  Counseling Services  Budget Coordinator    615-963-5643 
FALCONER, APRIL  COE Information System Restricted  Laboratory Manager    615-963-5000 
FALIN, GWENDOLYN  Center For Extended Ed Restricted  Temporary Help Exempt    Unknown 
FAN, CHUNXING  Business Admin  Depart Chair/ Professor    615-963-7393 
FAN, JIAN-HUA  Library  Library Assistant 3    615-963-7191 
FARMER, TRACY  Development  Advancement Database Assistant    615-963-5679 
FASORO, ABIODUN  Mechanical Engr  Assistant Professor    615-963-5429 
FAULK, JEREMY  Dir Of Residence Life  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    Unknown 
FAWAZ, FADI  Economics and Finance  Assistant Professor    615-963-5000 
FELIX, KEVIN  Procurement  Purchasing Agent    615-963-5181 
FELKER, TERRANCE  Instructional Support  Professional Advisor    615-963-5531 
FELTS, ARON  Extension Services State Allotment  Graduate Assistant - Research    Unknown 
FENTRESS, HUGH  Biological Sciences  Assistant Professor    615-963-5757 
FERNANDEZ, JOCELYN  Director Campus Center  Therapist    615-963-5000 
FERRELL, JOHN  Extension Services Restricted  Associate Exten Agent/Franklin    615-963-5491 
FIELD, CHRISTOPHER  Lang and Literature and Phil  Assistant Professor    615-963-1533 
FINCH, JANET  Educational Admin  Professor    615-963-7038 
FISHER, DOROTHY  Physical Therapy  Administrative Assistant IV    615-963-5881 
FISHER, GARRY  Football  Defensive Coordinator    615-963-5985 
FISHER, KAREN  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    615-963-5171 
FLEMING, RITA  Extension Services Restricted  Asst Prof Ext Specialist    615-963-2135 
FLOTT, PHYLLIS  Business Admin  Associate Professor    615-963-7123 
FONTENOT, ASHLEY  Athletics Director  Temporary Help Non Exempt    Unknown 
FORD, SANDRA  Financial Services  Account Clerk III - Part Time    615-963-4883 
FORD, TRACEY  VP Student Affairs  Vice President    615-963-5644 
FOSTER, BERNETTA  Records  Records Associate    615-963-5300 
FOSTER, ERIC  Movable Property  Plumber    Unknown 
FOSTER, KARMESHA  Trio Programs Restricted  Administrative Assistant III    615-963-7426 
FOSTER, KENNETH  TSU Police Dept  Security Guard    615-963-5171 
FOULADKHAH, ALIYAR  Extension Services - Dean Rest  Assistant Professor    615-963-7471 
FRADY, KELLEY  Extension Services Restricted  Extension Agent II - Polk Co    423-626-3742 
FRAME, ADRIENNE  Financial Services  Budget Director    615-963-5661 
FRANCIS, THOMAS  Research,Econ & Comm Dev Found Rest  Temporary Help Non-Exempt    Unknown 
FRAZIER, JORDON  Football  Assist Coordinator of Strength    615-963-5000 
FRAZIER, KERRY  Facilities Management  Chief Engineer    615-963-5969 
FREEMAN, EMMANUEL  Media Relations  Public Information Officer    615-963-5317 
FREEMAN, FELINA  Events Management  Director Events Management    615-963-1570 
FREEMAN, RODNEY  Library  Assistant Professor    615-963-7185 
FRELIX, ARLESIA  Health Services  Research Associate-PT    615-963-5291 
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