SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation Committee for 2010-2011

Ensuring our Accreditation: 2010-2011

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The University Steering Committee on SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation, appointed by the President, managed the process of reaffirmation of institutional accreditation. Led by a three-person leadership team: the Accreditation Liaison and Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Dr. Pamela Burch-Sims, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (Institutional Planning and Assessment), Dr. Peter Nwosu, and Professor of English and Head of the Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy, Dr. Timothy Quain. The Steering Committee consulted with University faculty and other personnel to gather information, request clarification, conduct follow-up, evaluate the quality of materials submitted, compile assigned sections of the accreditation report, and provide for review of the draft report by faculty and other campus constituents.

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