Learning Support Centers

The Learning Support Centers are made up of dedicated faculty, staff, and peer tutors committed to helping students develop the skills needed to achieve  academic milestones.

Students who do not meet TSU's minimum admission requirements have the opportunity to take the ACCUPLACER test covering skills in reading, math, and writing.  All academic deficiencies can be met by taking courses identified through testing and assessment.

The purpose of the Learning Support Centers is to help underprepared students at TSU pass college level courses and to graduate at the same level as better prepared students.  The centers are there to integrate personal and academic development into coursework and provides support services such as faculty tutoring, peer tutoring, access to computer labs, and more.  The TSU Learning Support Centers have made it possible for thousands of students to succeed in their chosen fields of study.

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Learning Support Centers

Tennessee State University's placement requirements are designed to help you succeed in college studies and beyond.  All students will undergo initial assessment.  Students who do no meet minimum college-level criteria will undergo secondary assessment to determine learning support requirements.

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The Learning Support Centers are provided in a co-requisite format to support academic performance in college-level courses.  Visit the individual centers websites for more information:





Learning Support Center's Open House

The Class of 2022 is invited to join the Learning Support Centers in the Student Success Building in order to get upcoming information on the Fall semester.

Thursday, August 16th 

1:30 - 3:30

Student Success Center Auditorium (Room 230)

Stop by the Open House to:

-Explore the Student Success building and the resources provided to you on every floor

-Meet your instructors as well as staff and peer tutors and learn how they can help you achieve your goals

-Gain knowledge on your upcoming Math, Reading, and Writing workshops on your schedule

-Prizes, Free Food and Drinks