Mission and Vision


Celebrating the Lives of Women!

The mission of the Women's Center at Tennessee State University (TSU) is to provide resources for female  administration, faculty, staff, and students, while establishing a safe, diverse and empowering environment.

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The Center's objective is to foster a more vibrant campus community by supporting active participation of female students in both their personal and educational pursuits at TSU. The Women's Center supports women's education, empowerment, and mentorship. 

Administration, faculty and staff are encouraged to support and utilize available resources of the Center.      

The Women's Center collaborates with Nashville community organizations to provide mentorship opportunities for its female student.


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The Center develops and sponsors programming that enhances the skills of women and assists in their development as scholars and professionals.  The staff works closely with the university's Women's Studies program to provide academic courses that explore issues of gender, sexuality and inequality through examination of the lives and efforts of women.

The vision of the Women's Center is to foster a diverse environment where women can develop, become empowered, and feel safe.


The Women's Center will take a holistic service approach by collaborating with Student Affairs divisions and the department of Women's Studies on social, occupational, economical, intellectual, emotional, physical, political, and spiritual issues pertaining to women's lives.

Additionally, the center will provide programs to support:

  • Women in Math
  • Women in Music
  • Women in Athletics
  • Women in Nursing
  • Women in Honors
  • Women in the Arts
  • Women in Theater
  • Women in Science
  • Women in Education
  • Women in Engineering
  • Women in Public Health
  • Women in Public Administration
  • Women in Criminal Justice 
  • Women in Business



The Women's Center Advisory Board consists of community stakeholders interested in the mission and vision of the center.  This board will:

  1. assist the center's staff in implementing the objectives of the center by offering advice and counsel,
  2. promote the center's programs and services,
  3. identify issues and concerns affecting women and women's issues and recommend appropriate solutions to the staff,
  4. recommend to the center staff pilot projects which enhance the dialogue about gender issues,
  5. attend quarterly advisory board meetings, and
  6. assist in the acquisition of sufficient resources for the center's operations and programs.

Advisory Board

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