About Us

About Us

Improving the Lives & Working Environment of Women

The Women's Center envisions a safe, diverse environment that will help to improve the lives and working environment of all women at Tennessee State University as well as the surrounding community. Students, faculty and staff can:

  • learn about resources available on campus and in the community,
  • receive assistance in a crisis,
  • engage in intellectual and stimulating discussion,
  • or simply enjoy a place of meditation and relaxation.

The center develops and sponsors programming that enhances the skills of women and assists in their development as scholars and professionals. Lastly, the center works closely with the university's Women's Studies Program to provide academic courses that explore issues of gender, sexuality and inequality through examination of the lives and efforts of women.

The Women's Center will also collaborate with various community organizations to provide opportunities that are more equitable for women through:

  • advocacy,
  • outreach,
  • and support.


To enhance the academic experience and personal development of all women by providing an inclusive and supportive environment as well as promoting gender and women issues.


The Women's Center will foster a diverse environment where women can develop, become empowered, and feel safe.


The Women's Center will take a holistic service approach focusing in on the social, occupational, economical, intellectual, emotional, physical, political, and spiritual aspects in women's lives by concentrating on four broad categories of needs:

  • Health and Nutrition
    • Health screenings
    • AIDS Awareness
    • HPV Prevention
    • Tackling Eating Disorders
    • Love Your Body Day
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    • Pregnancy
  • Preventing Violence Against Women
    • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
    • "Take Back the Night" (healing for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence)
    • Domestic Violence, date rape, and stalking
  • Career and Professional Development
    • Leadership conference
    • Career/Professional Development Brown Bag Series
    • Navigating the Tenure Track
    • Maximizing your opportunity as a Graduate Assistant
    • Achieving Work/Life Balance
  • Education
    • Book club
    • Gender Circles
    • National Women's History Month activities (Women of Legend and Merit and others)
    • Legal Clinic
    • Pay Equity Day
    • Cultural Images of Women

Additionally, the center will provide programs to support:

  • Women in Athletics
  • Women in Honors
  • Women in the Arts
  • Women in Theater
  • Women in Music
  • Women in Engineering
  • Women in Business



The advisory board consists of community stakeholders interested in the mission and vision of the center.  This board will:

  1. assist the center's staff in implementing the objectives of the center by offering advice and counsel,
  2. promote the center's programs and services,
  3. identify issues and concerns affecting women and women's issues and recommend appropriate solutions to the staff,
  4. recommend to the center staff pilot projects which enhance the dialogue about gender issues,
  5. attend quarterly advisory board meetings, and
  6. assist in the acquisition of sufficient resources for the center's operations and programs.

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