The Teacher Education Program at TSU prepares competent and caring facilitators of learning, committed to diversity and the success of all. Ready2Teach (R2T), a clinically-rich, co-teaching residency model, helps TSU accomplish its teacher education mission. Enhanced by the Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)—a performance-based approach to candidate evaluation—R2T prepares new teachers to be ready to teach from day one in the classroom.

Campus Contacts:

Heraldo Richards
Heraldo Richards, Ph.D.

Office: 112 Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5620

What is Ready2Teach?

  • Requires a year-long co-teaching residency in the schools
  • Consists of Residency 1 (minimum 50% co-teaching) and Residency 2 (100 % co-teaching)
  • Establishes strong partnership with schools and school-based mentors
  • Utilizes problem-based learning (analysis of authentic cases)
  • Designed to improve P-12 student outcomes
  • Intended to help public schools meet their goals and address needs

What is the Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)?

  • Cut Score of 37
  • A performance-based approach to candidate assessment
  • Capstone assessment integrates planning, instruction, assessment, and analysis of teaching
  • Candidates videotape 15 -20 minute teaching event for reflection and analysis
  • Candidates construct approximately 40-page narrative on critical teaching tasks
  • Candidates submit electronic  report on teaching event for assessment by 2 reviewers

How does R2T benefit partner schools?

  • Candidates as co-teachers provide assistance in the classroom
  • Mutual development of skills as mentor teachers and candidates engage in co-teaching
  • Candidates able to provide individual attention and tutoring to students
  • Opportunity for recruitment of highly qualified new teachers
  • Opportunities for professional development from university faculty
  • The TPA as part of R2T prepares candidates for the TEAM evaluation



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