Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy

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Tennessee Minority University Research Education Project (MUREP) Aerospace Academy

This project will build upon the prior success of NASA Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy (SEMAA) programs and continue to teach aerospace, mathematics, space, engineering, and science concepts to students in grades K-8.

The goals of the MUREP program are to:

  • Inspire a more diverse student population to pursue careers in STEM-related fields;
  • Engage students, parents/adult family members and teachers by immersing them in STEM activities involving emerging technologies and high-tech applications; and
  • Educate students utilizing rigorous STEM curricula, designed and implemented by NASA, and utilizing effective      evidence-based strategies employed by leading STEM professionals and agencies.

The key components of service are:

  • Hands-on, Inquiry-Based K-12 STEM Curricula
  • Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL) Access
  • Family Café
  • Student Professional Development
  • Community Outreach Activities

Science Olympiad





SEMAA Science Olympiad Helicopter Project

Contact the SITES-M/MUREP Director, Sosi Makonnen, with any questions at or by phone at 615-963-5450.