Science Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy

Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy is a national leader in K-12 education; inspiring, engaging and educating K-12 students, parents/caregivers and teachers. Since 2004, through FY2014, SEMAA nationally has engaged more than 469,000 participants.

The Goals of the SEMAA Program are to:

  • Inspire a more diverse student population to pursue careers in STEM-related fields,
  • Engage students, parents/adult family members and teachers by incorporating emerging technologies, and
  • Educate students utilizing rigorous STEM curricula, designed and implemented as only NASA can.

The key components of service are:

  • Hands-on, Inquiry-Based K-12 STEM Curricula
  • Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL)
  • Family Café
  • Professional Development
  • Outreach


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