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Front Row Dr. Gregory Clark, Mrs. Tiffany Bellafant Steward, Ms. Martha C. Mosley, Mrs. Amy Wood, Ms. Kristin Gray, Ms. Linda Robare & Dr. Johnnie C. Smith

Second Row :  Mrs. Victoria McGhee-Hayes, Mrs. Sheila Wyatt Riley, Dr. John Cade, Mr. Terrence Izzard, Mrs. Jeanne' C. Williams & Mr. Everett Jolley (Not shown:  Mrs. Thelria Hardaway & Mrs. Brenda Coleman) 

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Enrollment Management & Student Success
3500 John A. Merritt Blvd
Nashville, Tennessee  37209

Campus Location
Harold Love Success Center  Smith photo

Completion Staff

Dr. Johnnie C. Smith, Director of Completion Initiatives &
Academic Liaison 
(615) 963-5968

Nishimwe Germaine, Student Worker  
(615) 963-5968

Dr. Smith is a native of Fort Mitchell, Alabama, and she brings an array of skills and expertise to help students be successful and graduate.   She was instrumental in landing small and large grants to improve TSU Athletic Academic Services Department; created a Faculty Led Study Abroad trip for fourteen students to visit Berlin & Magdaburg, Germany.  Dr. Smith is a published book author of Succeed Indeed featuring Academic Boot Camp, and she has garnered the Outstanding Achievement in Higher Education Award, Outstanding TSU Administrator Award and numerous other accolades.  She is passionate about inspiring and motivating students from start through completion of a college degree.  Read more