Retention @ TSU

Striving for Academic Success

In order to help individual students pursue their educational goals and vocational aspirations, the University has a formulated educational process called "matriculation."


All students are encouraged to go through the matriculation process, which includes:

  • orientation,
  • educational assessment testing,
  • and academic counseling

... in order for the University to design a schedule of courses that fits their educational goals. Matriculation status is established for all new students at the time they submit their applications. 


Retention Efforts

In order to succeed at university, students need to be supported both academically and socially. A predictor of university success is early academic achievement.  So we monitor that and intervene when necessary. We also know that students who fully engage in the overall life of the university thrive. So we have programs in place for first year students to enhance that campus life experience.

We work to identify which students would benefit from the retention programs we offer. Looking for red flags such as: 

  • absenteeism,
  • weak skills in writing and math,
  • poor early grades,
  • and behavioral changes

...allows us to properly place a student in a correlating retention program.