Family Café

Empowering Adults Actively Involved in Students' Lives

During the Academic Year Saturday Sessions, the SITES-M/MUREP program hosts the Family Café. The Family Café seeks to empower, encourage, and enable adult caregivers and any other supportive adult role models that are actively involved in a student's life by sharing information geared toward making academic choices that enhance the educational career of the child.

While students are in their classes, parents, guardians, and family members are invited to participate in these workshops which provide refreshments, interesting guest speakers, fun activities, and important round-table discussions. Parents with younger or older siblings are encouraged to bring them along!

Family Café Session Schedule

Week 1 - October 28, 2017

Week 2 - November 11, 2017

Week 3 - January 27, 2018

Week 4 - February 24, 2018

Week 5 - March 24, 2018



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