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As a member, there are numerous opportunities made available to you including:


Current students looking to navigate the Honors Program frequently require forms, advice, and guidelines.  Questions arise regarding declaring majors, on how to begin and complete the thesis process, even on how to register for housing. If you have additional questions, please contact Ask Honors.  We generally respond within 24 business hours.


After seeing your advisor for your major, please see an honors advisor before registration every semester.

Required Honors Courses      
Disc        Number   Title      Hours
HONR 1002 Honors Orientation 1
ENGL 1012 Honors Fr. English 3
ENGL 1022 Honors Fr. English 3
ENGL 2312 Honors Soph. Literature 3
ENGL 2322 Honors Soph. Literature 3
HONR 3002 Honors Jr. Colloquium 3
HONR 4002 Honors Sr. Colloquium 3
HONR 4102 Honors Sr. Thesis 3
    or Departmental Sr. Project  



Where is Honors Housing Located?

Honors Housing is located on several floors of Harriet Hodgkins Hale Hall.  Apply for housing just as you would normally.

What are the Benefits of Honors Housing?

Honors Housing offers the opportunity for additional contact with your Honors classmates, as well as additional social and educational opportunities planned by the Honors Residential Advisors. 

All Honors students are welcome to participate in Honors Housing activities, no matter their place of residence. Students hear of events via facebook, emails and our newsletter, "The Aristocracy".








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