Fostering Lifelong Learning

Recognizing that coding and creativity should start as early as pre-school and extend to the workforce—the TSU C2 initiative creates a pipeline of experiences and opportunities for the Nashville community. TSU's HBCU C2 model strategically includes all stakeholders from primary, elementary, secondary, post-secondary, workforce, and the community builds a shared vision and efficiencies across partners. 

TSU’s Mission, Vision, and C Commitments

TSU’s mission is to fosters scholarly inquiry and research, lifelong learning, and a commitment to service with the vision to achieve national and international prominence, building on its heritage, and preparing leaders for a global society. Therefore, to prepare leaders for a global society and a technological connected workforce, TSU recognized the need for incorporating coding and creativity throughout the university, across all disciplines, and in alignment with technology standards from PreK to the workplace in preparation of our smart connected communities. Thus, TSU HBCU C2 Model incorporates educational partnership alignment with PreK-12 Schools, Community Colleges, Businesses, and community non-profit agencies.

  i.     provide an academy to assist HBCUs in focusing their vision regarding the educational impact of technology through the lens of digital literacy, knowledge and technical skills, instructional tools, equipment, required curriculum modifications, and most importantly, the opportunity to be an innovator of emerging technology for education and workforce transformations,

 ii.     cover the costs of the training,

 iii.     assist in seeking resources for covering the cost for travel and lodging to the academy,

 iv.     provide the required coding equipment to loan to teams at the academy and for continued training at their campus, 

 v.     provide training sessions: “Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create” Curriculum and app design and development,

 vi.     provide mentors to help develop a strategic C2 Campus Innovation Plan and for implementing C2 on the campus,

 vii.     assign a TSU HBCU- C2 Trainer to mentor and facilitate with Campus C2 Innovation Teams, and

 viii.     assist TSU Educational Partners (PreK- 12 public schools, community colleges, and community partners) with ‘Everyone Can Code and Create’  opportunities of training, curriculum, app design development, and support to faculty and students.

TSU’s Investments in C 2

This initiative is part of TSU’s vision, mission, and strategic plan for preparing students for the 21st Century technological connected workforce. TSU is providing project management, C2 trainers, faculty release time and compensation, curriculum resources, IT services, student services, training, travel, etc. to support this initiative. Additionally, TSU is coordinating the OER initiative that supports the HBCU C2 projects at the campus/course level.

TSU-HBCU C2 Model: C2 from PreK to the Workforce and Community Model Representatives

- Metro Nashville Public Schools: PreK-12
- Motlow State Community College: Workforce Preparedness
- Nashville Coalition of 100 Black Women: Community Agencies

TSU’s Mission and CCommitments to HBCU C2

- Convening academies, 

- Providing onsite and online professional development and training regarding coding and creativity,

- Providing facilitators and mentors to assist in developing campus innovation strategic plans,

- Arranging 'App Challenges' for addressing educational, workforce, and community challenges,

- Providing Swift Coding App Development Curriculum, Courses, and Degree options

- Curating and researching the impact of apps designed and development by HBCU C2