Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Improving Lives Across the Entire Age Spectrum

Family and Consumer Sciences Education offers students a versatile concentration which they can use to accomplish many life and career objectives. Family and Consumer Sciences Education empowers students to improve the well-being of individuals and families across the entire age spectrum. This, in turn, can produce more responsible members of society and a highly motivated and productive work force.

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education concentration within the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences provides students with a well-rounded education and the knowledge and skills for a successful career.

Professional Opportunities

Family and Consumer Sciences Education professionals are presented with a wide variety of career opportunities. Graduates who enter the field of teaching will find many options in both traditional and nontraditional settings in the public and private arenas. Teachers can also choose the age group with which they work, including parents and senior citizens. Many of our graduates are employed in the government, industry, business, and public sectors, where they serve in various capacities. Self-employment as a consultant or counselor is also an option for our graduates. Our program builds a foundation that often serves as a pathway to advanced degrees. In short, your education in Family and Consumer Sciences Education will provide you with a wide versatility in many fields of employment. 

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B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences with concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences Education


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