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My research is broadly focused on romantic relationships, intergroup dynamics and multicultural psychology. Specifically, I focus on the following:

  • Relationship Dynamics (e.g., satisfaction, commitment, dissolution)
  • Interracial Relationships/Multiracial Families
  • Multicultural Counseling and Training


My primary program of research examines normative relationship functions such as attraction, relationship maintenance and dissolution among partners in interracial relationships. Central to this program of research is relationship science but also particular attention to the impact of race/racism for the lived experiences of relationship partners. This line of inquiry requires an attention to not only intersecting identities (in particular race and gender), racial ideologies and racial identity, but also an understanding of theory in family and relationship science.

A second area of research examines multicultural competencies among mental health professionals. In this area, my co-investigators and I are interested in counselor competencies regarding race and culture and the implications of separating the constructs in an assessment tool we developed. Though race and culture are confounded within the U.S. society, of critical importance to the profession of psychology is practitioners' ability to recognize the nuances of these constructs.


My current research is focused on resilience in interracial couples. Partners in interracial relationships have a higher dissolution rate (i.e., breakup or divorce) than partners in same-race relationships. I am interested in the strengths and resources that partners in longstanding interracial couples mobilize and the processes by which they "succeed when expected to fail". Of particular interest is how partners address race and racism both within and outside of their relationship and how they construct meaning to their relationship amidst opposition toward their union. 

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Lee, D. J., Brooks, J. E., Deb, M., Harfi, S., Williams, C. R. (2015). University Counseling on Multicultural but Racialized Campuses: A Training Dialogue, Monograph and Exercise. Paper presented at the Big Ten Counseling Center Conference, Lincoln, Nebraska.

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 Hegeman, K, Cheng, S. & Brooks, J. E. (2011 August). A sustainable men’s group: Capturing the elusive . Presentation given at the Dennis H. May Diversity Conference at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, Illinois.

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 Pryor, J. B., Reeder, G. D., Park, C. & Brooks, J. E. (2008, May). Multiple forms of implicit prejudice influence how people perceive Barack Obama. Poster presented at the meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, Chicago.

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