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Welcome to Dr. Dachowski's advisement page for History and Political Science majors.

Students can find basic information on degree requirements on the HGPS advisement page.  Dr Dachowski's pages will provide you with resources that will help you understand the degree requirements better and put your degree in the broader context of your life work.

These resources apply only to those students pursuing degree without licensure to teach in the public schools.  Those interested in the Teacher Licensure program should contact Dr. Erik Schmeller (; be sure to indicate whether you are interested History Licensure or Government (Political Science) Licensure.

Both History and Political Science majors must complete TSU's General Education core of 41 hours, as well as a one-hour Orientation course (for a total of 42 hours).  Because History is a Bachelor of Arts (BA) program, History majors must also complete through the end of the second year of a foreign language (12 hours if a student starts at the beginning of the sequence).

Major courses in History and Political Science give students an overview of the field, research skills within the field, and an understanding of relevant professional and community issues.  Both majors require students to develop or improve skills in critical thinking, reading comprehension, and formal writing.  Both History and Political Science give students a lot of flexibility in choosing upper-division courses within the major and offer students a chance to take elective courses outside of the major.

These majors give students the skills they need to succeed in a broad range of careers. 







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