Engineering Entrance Examination

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The following Engineering Entrance Examination Review Guide is for engineering students to get familiar with the Engineering Entrance Examination.

Engineering students are encouraged to review and refresh their knowledge in CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS, and PHYSICS before taking the Engineering Entrance Examination. Good luck on the Engineering Entrance Examination.

Disclaimer:  The content of the Engineering Entrance Examination Review Guide is for the sole purpose of review for enrolled students in the College of Engineering at Tennessee State University.  No content of this material should be duplicated, and is only for the purpose of review content for the examination.

Engineering Entrance Examination Requirement:
All engineering students MUST pass the EEE (Engineering Entrance Examination) with a 2.5 GPA requirement....BEFORE enrollment in Junior/Senior courses. Enrollment in these courses before passing the exam may result in the dismissal of the program and/or other academic requirements or penalties.

Engineering Entrance Examination Review Guide

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