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Desire to be a Principal or Educational Leader?

The Department of Educational Leadership offers three degree programs, which include the Master of Education, Education Specialist, and the Doctor of Education. All degree programs prepare individuals for intellectual and practical leadership positions in local, state, and national arenas.

We offer the following programs which lead to their respective degrees listed below.


The Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership degree has three concentrations: Licensure, Non-Licensure, and Career and Technical Education (CTE). Candidates interested in the Licensure concentration are those who desire to become school principals. Those interested in the Non-Licensure concentration are instructional leaders that manage the day-to-day activities in schools, preschools, day care centers, colleges, and universities. They also direct the educational programs of businesses, correctional institutions, state institutions, museums, and job training and community service organizations. Those interested in the CTE concentration are those interested in instructional leadership roles in locations, such as secondary schools, Tennessee Department of Education, and Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology.

M.Ed.-Instructional Leadership-Licensure

M.Ed. Instructional Leadership-Non-Licensure

Career and Technical Education (Online)


The Education Specialist in Instructional Leadership has two concentrations: Licensure and Non-Licensure. Candidates interested in the Licensure concentration are those who desire to become school principals. Those interested in the Non-Licensure concentration are those who are interested in other areas of education, such as higher education administrators, athletic directors, trainers, or lead teachers. Additionally, outside of traditional educational institutions, educational leaders might find roles with advocacy groups or nonprofit organizations creating educational policy and reforming educational systems or they may find employment in the business sector as corporate trainers.

Ed.S.-Instructional Leadership-Licensure

Ed.S.-Instructional Leadership-Non-Licensure


The Doctor of Education in Administration and Supervision has two concentrations: Pre K-12 and Higher Education.  Candidates interested in the PreK-12 concentration usually have roles in system-level leadership positions in organizations, such as school districts, Department of Education, national policy organizations, national nonprofits or mission-based for profits, and foundations. Graduates hold positions as professors, superintendents, directors of non-profits and for-profits organizations, curriculum directors, preschool or early childhood program directors, and vice presidents.

Candidates interested in the Higher Education concentration usually have roles in organizations, such as colleges or universities level education, public policy development, university level leadership, educational administration, and institutional research. They hold positions as directors, vice presidents, presidents, coordinators, chancellors, and trainers.

Ed.D. Pre K-12 Administration

Ed.D. Higher Education Administration

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