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MPA Program Mission, including values statement (adopted 12/7/2010)

The MPA program of the College of Public Service at Tennessee State University prepares individuals for professional public, nonprofit, and healthcare sector careers.  The program develops leaders and managers to promote trust and public value in the community.

We educate by providing the key knowledge, skills and abilities our students require to serve in diverse public, nonprofit and healthcare settings.

We work by conducting research and service activities supportive of these educational and instructional purposes which emphasize analytical thinking, problem solving and decision making and;

We serve a diverse and ever-changing public, nonprofit and healthcare environment as a source of consultation with knowledge of public policy & public management issues to the community. 

Through these endeavors, we create value with the community, our community partners, students and University by bringing expertise to bear in real organizational settings. In carrying out each of these core activities, we seek to reflect and instill distinctive public service values of:  Ethics, Equity, Responsiveness, Diversity, Cultural Competency, Efficiency and Transparency. 

Where do our graduates work?  This figure is based on our alumni with known position information.

Pie chart of MPA known placement locations


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