Graduate Certificate in Health Administration and Planning

Photo of woman looking at a computerFast and focused, for the growing healthcare field

With a graduate certificate in Health Administration and Planning, you can develop skills which are in high demand in expanding healthcare policy and service delivery arenas. This certificate consists of five 3-credit courses. Three core courses are required: Epidemiology for Administrators, Financial Management for Health and Nonprofit Organizations, and Health Organizations and Delivery Systems. You can then choose two electives from various areas of health policy, statistics or research methods (see Courses under Health Certificate for sample past syllabi).

Courses are offered in a variety of delivery approaches (evening, hybrid, weekend) which help meet our students' needs as working adults. You can start the certificate in spring, summer or fall. You can seek this certificate in combination with the MPA or PhD, or on its own as a stand-alone credential.

Seek advising before registration to make sound course choices (Contact your advisor). Students who want to pursue this certificate along with either the MPA or PhD should seek advising before choosing any electives in the certificate to minimize chances of having to take an extra course while satisfying each set of requirements.

Key guiding documents

  • Roadmap to the health certificate (timing and links to what you need to graduate)
  • TSU Graduate catalog - know the policies in the front of the catalog which apply to all grad students as well as the program specific policies in the College of Public Service section.

Is this the program for me?

What thresholds must I meet to be eligible for admission?

  • For the certificate, undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with a GPA of 2.0 or higher on a 4-point scale; note that graduate degree program entrance requirements are higher, if you plan to seek a degree as well.  Consult the TSU Graduate catalog.  All applicable Graduate School thresholds and requirements must also be met.
  • Submit all required application materials per the Graduate School (including Graduate School application, fee, official transcripts).

How do I apply?

What classes should I take?  Speak to your advisor before making course choices to ensure a smooth path through the program.  This is especially important for students seeking the certificate along with a second degree (MPA or PhD).

What's my plan for finishing the certificate?

What must I do to notify the University ahead of time that I'm ready to graduate?  If you are ready to finish, you must apply online to notify the Graduate School that you are planning to graduate in the upcoming semester.  Watch the deadlines at the links below carefully for this application.  Certificate recipients do not walk in graduation unless they are also completing a degree program that semester.

  • Form (online)  | Graduation Application ; you must apply online for graduation in advance; check deadlines at the beginning of your last semester! Application is mandatory whether or not you plan to attend commencement.
  • Finishing two programs? Students seeking both a certificate AND the MPA must petition for graduation twice, once for both programs. If you are trying to complete two programs in a SINGLE semester (such as a certificate and the MPA), apply for one of the programs using the online graduation application and then submit the Secondary Program Graduation Application form by email as directed on the document.
  • Submit your Completion of certificate form to your advisor by mid-semester in the semester in which you plan to complete the certificate (taking your last classes).


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