Dr. Mu Zheng

student on campus

Mu Zheng

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Sciences


Contact Information:

Office Location: 216 Boswell

Telephone: 615-963-5004

Email: mzheng@tnstate.edu


Research Areas:

Mass Spectrometry, Chemical Education


Selected Publications:

Paul J. Flakoll, Mu Zheng, Suzan Vaughan and Myfanwy J. Borel, “Determination of Stable Isotopic Enrichment and Concentration of Glycerol in Plasma via Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for the Estimation of Lipolysis in vivo”, J. Chromatography B, 2000, 744, 47-54

Mu Zheng,, Jason T.Manka and Andrienne C. Friedli, “Polyelectrolytes for Battery applications: synthetic approaches and precursor properties”, NASA Conference Publication 1999, 225-228.

Andrew G. Douglass, Mu Zheng, Andrienne C. Friedli and Piotr Kaszynske, “A Versatile Monomer for Polyelectrolytes via ROMP”, Polym. Prepr. 1996, 643.

Mu Zheng and Andrienne Friedli, “Senior-Level Undergraduate Polymer Laboratory”, 14th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Clemson, SC, 1996, 62

Andrew G.Douglass, Mu Zheng, Andrienne C. Friedli and Piotr Kaszynski, “A versatile monomer for polyelectrolytes via romp” Book of Abstracts, 211th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 1996, POLY-118.

Zhizhong Yang, Mu Zheng and Canxiong, Liang, “UV Curable Camphene Derivative-Modified Epoxy Macromer and Its Copolymerization Reaction”, Zhanjie, 1996, 17(4),1-6

Yonglie Chen, Mu Zheng, “Photo-initiated Cationic Polymerization III. DSC Study on Polymerization of Epoxide Initiated with Sulfonium Salt BDS”, Yingyong Huaxue. 1994, 11(2). 27-30

Mu Zheng, Yonglie Chen and Zhaoxi Liang, “DSC Study on the Photopolymerization of Epoxides”, International Conference on Materials Science and Environmental Chemistry of main Group Elements, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1994, 105



Basic Chemistry and Laboratory

General Chemistry and Laboratory

Polymer Chemistry and Laboratory



B.S., 1987, M.S., 1990, Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) University (China);

D.A., 1997, Middle Tennessee State University.


Research Interest:


• Additives in synthetic polymer

• Stable isotopic tracer enrichments

Chemical Education

• Misconceptions and degree of mathematic skill

• Pedagogical tools to enhance student interest in learning chemistry

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