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Dr. Theodore Duello, Analytical chemistry

Department of Chemistry



Tennessee State University

3500 John A. Merritt Blvd.

Nashville, TN 37209-1500

Telephone: 615-963-5338

Email: mailto:tduello@tnstate.edu or tduello@gmail.com


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Quincy College; 1966

Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Saint Louis University; 1971


Tennessee State University; 2002-Present

• Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Austin Peay State University; 2000-2001

• Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Specialized Assays, Clinical / International Clinical Labs; 1980-1991

• Lecturer in State of Tennessee approved “Clinical Chemistry School”.


• Gas Chromatography (eg. Varian, HP, Schimadzu), 30 years

• Gas Chromatography Detectors: FID, EC, NP, PID, (Varying years of usage)

• Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry (LKB-9000 in Graduate School)

• Mass Spectrometry (Hewlett-Packard) 23 years

• HPLC (Waters, Schimadzu), 20 years

• Spectrophotometer: 30 years

• Infrared (Perkin-Elmer): 20 years

• Radioimmunoassay: 29 years

• Clinical Analyzers (eg Technicon), 20 years

• Scintillation Beta Counters, (Packard)

• Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (Perkin Elmer), 20 years

• ICP (Jarrell-Ash and Perkin Elmer), 8 years


Specialized Assays, Inc., Environmental, Nashville, Tennessee; 1980-2000

• Director of Data Packages and Hazardous Waste Coordinator

• Laboratory Director; 1998-1999

• Managed about 100 employees

• Managed sample volume of about 700 samples daily

• Recommended instrumentation to corporate with costs

• Insured fast-pace service to environmental clients

• Reviewed data packages and Solid Waste Methods (SW-846)

• Monitored costs via lab supply usage

• Director of Quality Assurance / Safety / Hazardous Waste

• Monitored quality program for 100 employees in fast-paced laboratory

• Maintained State Laboratory Certifications approximately 20 states

• Conducted safety meetings with departments

• Managed Hazardous Waste disposal for laboratory

• Responsible for Radioisotope License

• Recommended Analytical Instrumentation consistent with quality objectives

• Reviewed Analytical Data and Testing Methods (Solid Waste, Drinking Water)

• Insured quality of lab grade chemicals at competitive prices


Specialized Assays, Clinical, Inc, Nashville, Tennessee; 1982-1991

• TN Licensed Laboratory Director, Chemistry

• Technical Director / Quality Assurance Officer

• Oversaw quality procedures for 40 technologists

• Monitored high volume sample load (750-1000 samples)

• Investigated and recommended Analytical Instrumentation

• Maintained cost control on procedures and instrumentation

• Frequently performed bench tests to help meet fast-paced services

• Responsible for Radioisotope License

• Maintained safety program and waste disposal

International Clinical Laboratories, Nashville Tennessee; 1977-1982

• TN Licensed Supervisor, Chemistry

• Director of Esoteric Testing (>5000 tests per month)

• Recommended Radioisotope Instrumentation for Radioimmunoassay

• Maintained written technical procedures

• Monitored quality control and quality assurance

• Monitored Productivity vs. cost per test

• Suggested instrumentation to improve quality and lower costs

• Negotiated reagents costs for Radioimmunoassay kits

• Set up Breast Cancer Assays (first in middle Tennessee)

• Responsible for Radioisotope License

• Managed 16 technologists in rapid service high volume department

Smith-Kline Clinical Laboratories, St. Louis, Missouri; 1973-1977

• Chief of Chemistry

• Maintained written technical procedures

• Provided fast-paced services to physicians, hospitals, and clinics

• Recommended analytical instrumentation

• Monitored quality control

• Managed 14 technologists

• Maintained costs control per test procedure

St. Joseph’s Hospital-Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska; 1971-1973

• Assistant Clinical Chemist

• Studied all aspects of Clinical Laboratory

COMMITTEES, Tennessee State University

• Instrumentation Committee, 2004 – 2008 ; Monitor and recommend Chemistry Instruments

• Safety Committee: 2004- Present: Safety in Chemistry Department

• Textbook Committee: Monitor and Control of Textbook Selection and Dollar Cost; 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

• Chemistry Day: 2005-Present

• University Community Service Day: August 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

• University Faculty Senate, 2005: Alternate representative from Chemistry

• Safety Committee Chairman: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


• Partner in starting a successful testing laboratory: (1982-1998)

• Directed a Quality Control Program in a large analytical laboratory (1982-1998)

• Maintained strong relationships with regulatory agencies and clients: (1991-1998)

• Attended training on Hazardous Waste Regulations, 1995-1998

• Professional Meeting: Pitt. Conference 1992, 1995

• Professional Meeting: Am. Assoc. for Clinical Chemistry, 1983, 1985

• At TSU, the following:

• Professional Meeting: Pitt. Conference 2008

• Professional Meeting: Am. Assoc. for Clinical Chemistry, 2005

• The Teaching Professor Conference: 2007

• Agilent Gas Chromatography, May 15, 2008: “GC Tips and Tricks”; Nashville, TN

• The Teaching Professor Conference: May, 2008; Kissimmee, Florida

• ICP Optima Series Training, Perkin Elmer; October 21-23, 2008; Atlanta, GA

• Southeast Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society, November, 2008

Poster: “Hydra AA Mercury Analyzer”

• Professional Meeting: Pitt. Conference, March 2009, Chicago, Illinois

• Southeast Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society, Puerto Rico, October 2009

• Poster: “Analysis of Metals in Pharmaceuticals”

• PittCon, 2010, Orlando, Florida; Chair: “Emission / Absorption Spectroscopy for

• Analysis of Metals in Pharmaceutical Products”

• Agilent Seminar, Nashville, TN; Feb 2011; Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

• Chairman Chemistry Day, March 24, 2011

• Professional Meeting: Pitt. Conference, March 2011, Atlanta, Georgia

• Academic Tenure in Chemistry Department, August, 2011


• Duello, Theodore J. and Matschiner, John T. (1971), International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research; “Relation between the storage forms of vitamin K and dietary phylloquinine in the dog.”

• Duello, Theodore J. and Matschiner, John T. (1971), Archives of Biochem and Biophysics; “Characterization of vitamin K from pig liver and dog liver.”

• Duello, Theodore J. and Matschiner, John T. (1970), Archives of Biochem and Biophysics; “Identification of phylloquinone in horse liver.”

• Duello, Theodore J. and Matschiner, John T. (1972), J. of Nutrition; “Characterization of vitamin K from human liver.”

At TSU, the following:

• Duello, Theodore J. (November, 2008) Southeast Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society; Nashville, TN; “Hydra AA Mercury Analyzer.”

• Duello, Theodore J. (October, 2009) Southeast Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society; San Juan, Puerto Rico; “Analysis of Metals in Pharmaceuticals

• PittCon, 2010, Orlando, Florida; Chair: “Emission / Absorption Spectroscopy for Analysis of Metals in Pharmaceutical Products”

• Chemistry Day 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Student Poster Abstracts


NSF Grant 1022761: CCLI: TSU-OASES: an Outdoor-laboratory to Advance Student learning in

Environmental Sciences, Submitted 1/13/2010; $585,046

NSF Grant 1022761: 5/28/2010 Received Notice of “Not Funded”;

NSF TUES: TSU-OASES – an Outdoor-laboratory to Advance Student learning  in Environmental Sciences, Submitted 1/14/2011

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