Misson of Architectural Engineering Advisory Commitee

The mission of the Architectural Engineering Advisory Committee is to provide guidance, advice, and support for the department and its educational goals. Specific functions may include:

  • To review and provide input on the department's goals and objectives
  • To review and provide input on the Architectural Engineering curriculum
  • To assist in the preparation of the Architectural Engineering ABET accreditation self-study
  • To serve as a representative of the profession of Architectural Engineering
  • To review program content and provide guidelines to assess competencies necessary for entry level employment
  • To assist in the educational process by serving as guest lecturers, project advisors on capstone design projects, student mentors, and jurors for design presentations.
  • To monitor the quality of the program by evaluating student course surveys and exit interviews
  • To promote the department within the university, the community, and the profession
  • To identify and assist in the recruitment of faculty
  • To assist in the recruitment of students
  • To assist architectural engineering students in securing internships and permanent employment with local and regional employers
  • To promote the department's relations with engineering organizations and community groups
  • To identify community and outreach activities to department faculty and students.

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