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Dr. Festus Olorunniwo
Dr. Olorunniwo is a Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Tennessee State University. He holds a Doctorate degree in Operations Research (Management Science) from The University of Texas at Austin, and M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Polytechnic University, New York. His research and consulting interests are in Service and Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Management of Quality.  He has consulted for several companies in Tennessee, Singapore, Malawi, Ukraine, and Nigeria. Twice a consultant to United Nations Development Program, he has also published over 75 research articles in refereed journals and proceedings.



Office: J403 
Email: folorunniwo@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7299

Dr. Millicent Lownes-Jackson
Dr. Lownes-Jackson is the dean of the College of Business. Dr. Lownes-Jackson is a small business specialist, author, a newspaper columnist, researcher, certified small business coach, and a tenured Professor of Management. Her current research interests are in the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership with a special interest in research pertaining to women’s entrepreneurship and African American entrepreneurship.


Office: H405
Email: mlownes@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7127

Dr. Chunxing Fan
Dr. Fan’s research interests are Supply Chain Strategy and Collaborative Optimization, Integrated Production and Distribution Optimization, Logistics and Transportation Network Design, and Resource/Project Management. He has published articles in refereed journals and proceedings such as Journal of the Operational Research Society, Transportation Research, International Journal Management and Enterprise Development, etc.


Office: K432
Email: cfan@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7393

Dr. Phyllis Flott
Dr. Flott's current research interests include the Relationship Between Bankruptcy and use of Differed Deposit Services, Ethical Issues Related to Fringe Banking, and Location Patterns of Deferred Presentation Companies in Nashville.


Office: K428
Email: pflott@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7135

Dr. Joel Jolayemi
Dr. Jolayemi’s areas of active research interest include project scheduling, supply chain management, production management, total quality management, quality strategic planning, and credit scoring. He has published in many international journals. These include International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Applied Statistics and Data Analysis, The Indian Journal of Statistics, Ecological Modeling, Omega, etc. Altogether, he has published nothing less than 30 journal articles.


Office: K446
Email: jjolayemi@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7134

Dr. Xiaoming Li
Dr. Li’s current research interests include stochastic inventory management, demand evolution in supply chains, reverse logistics, and evolutionary game theory. His articles appear in various refereed journals, such as European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Scheduling, Omega, and Supply Chain Management.


Office: K441
Email: xli1@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7073

Dr. Vaidotas Lukošius
Dr. Lukosius' research interests include analyzing consumer behavior in the virtual environments, modeling service encounters in retail environments, and advertising trends. Dr. Lukošius has published in Ekonomika, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Proceedings of Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators.



Office: K401
Email: vlukosius@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7128

Dr. Sharon Thach
Dr. Thach’s research interests include international entrepreneurship, international distribution, and ethics. Dr. Thach has published in such journals as International Marketing Review, Journal of Business Ethics, and Industrial Marketing Management, The Journal of Product Innovation Management, The Journal of Business Research, and The Journal of Business and Industrial Management among others. Dr. Thach is also on the Editorial Boards of The Journal of International Marketing and The Journal of African Business.


Office: K438
Email: sthach@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7133

Dr. Ramaprasad Unni
Dr Unni’s research interests are in the area of consumer behavior in interactive environments. His research has examined the relative effectiveness of virtual product trial, consumer evaluations of wireless location-based marketing, value creation through customization, and use of information sources in different shopping contexts. He has published in the Journal of Interactive Advertising, Marketing Education Review, Proceedings of the AMA Educators Conference, Proceedings of Association for Consumer Research, and other national conference proceedings.  

Office: K439
Email: runni@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7343

Dr. Kenneth Kungu

Dr. Kungu obtained his Doctorate in Human Resource and Leadership Development from Louisiana State University. He teaches courses in Human Resource Management, Organization Behavior and Leadership. His research interests include self-directed learning, career development, cross-cultural HR practices and employee health and wellness.


Dr. K. Kungu

Office: K429
Email: kkungu@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7379

Dr. Carrie Hurst
Dr. Hurst's research interests relate broadly to individual and organizational career development issues and occupational health and safety. Specifically, recent publications have focused on consequences of experiencing a career plateau (Career Development Quarterly) and how employees cope with being plateaued in their jobs (Journal of Vocational Behavior). Dr. Hurst is also interested in research methods, with a recent book chapter focusing on the methodological rigor/validity of published qualitative research.


Office: K444
Email: churst@tnstate.edu
Tel. No.: 615-963-7341

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