Dr. Chunxing FAN

Associate Professor & Department Chair

Dr. Fan


Office: AWC K432

Phone: (615) 963-7393

Email: cfan@tnstate.edu

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Dr. Fan’s research interests are Supply Chain Strategy and Collaborative Optimization, Integrated Production and Distribution Optimization, Logistics and Transportation Network Design, and Resource/Project Management. He has published articles in refereed journals and proceedings such as Journal of the Operational Research Society, Transportation Research, International Journal of Production Research, Annals of Management Science, etc.

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Academic Credentials

Ph.D. Management Science (Supply Chain Management) , Rutgers University

M.B.A. Supply Chain Management , Rutgers University

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Refereed Articles 

Li, X., Olorunniwo, F., Fan, C., & Jolayemi, J. (2016).  Improving Performance in Supplier Relationship Management with Lower-Tier Supplier Visibility and Management.   Annals of Management Science, 5 (1), 19-36.

Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J. & Fan, C. (2015).  Supplier Selection: Impact of Multi-Tier Supplier Visibility.   Annals of Management Science, 4 (2), 67-86.

Li, X., Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., & Fan, C. (2014).  Re-examining the Structure of Supplier Stratification Matrix: A Focus on Differential Value and Relationship.   International Journal of Procurement Management, 7 (2), 219-237.

Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., Fan, C., & Li, X. (2014).  The Impacts Of Information Sharing And Lower-Tier Supplier Selection Process On Three Key Elements Of Lower-Tier Supplier Visibility Objectives.   Journal of International Business & Economics, 15 (1), 67-81.

Lai, F., Chu, Z., Wang, Q., & Fan, C. (2013).  Managing dependence in logistics outsourcing relationships: evidence from China.  International Journal of Production Research, 51 (10), 3037-3054.

Jolayemi, J., Olorunniwo, F., Fan, C., & Li, X. (2013).  A Composite Process for Establishing and Continuously Maintaining End-to-End Visibility in Multi-Tier Supplier Network Systems.   Annals of Management Science, 2 (1), 17-44.

Fan, C., Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., & Li, X. (2013).  A Characterization of Lower-Tier Supplier Visibility Practices in Supplier Relationship Management.   Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal, 14 (1), pp. 2-14(13).

Fan, C., Lei, L., & Liu, S. (2013).  Solving a Variation of the Integrated Supply and Distribution Problem with Heterogeneous Vessels.  Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management, 11 (1), pp. 13-32.

Olorunniwo, F., Jolayemi, J., Fan, C., & Li, X. (2013).  Lower-Tier Visibility in Supplier Relationship Management: Issues and Illustrative Industry Practices.   Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives (1), 7-18.

Jolayemi, J. K. & Fan, C. (2012).  Production-Distribution and transportation planning in flexible multi-echelon supply chains.   Annals of Management Science (1), 41-59.

Thach, S. V., Lafuente-Gonzalez, E. M., Fan, C., & Garcia, A. R. (2011).  SMEs and Development: An Innovative Costa Rican Approach.   Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 5 (2), 59-69.

Fan, C., Tian, Y., & Hitchinson, J. (2010).  The impact of communication on supplier integration and organizational performance.   Journal of International Business and Research, 1 (1), 14-27.

Tian, Y., Zantow, K., & Fan, C. (2009).  A Framework of Supplier Selection of Integrative Logistics Providers.   International (Int.) Journal (J.) of Management and Enterprise Development, 7 (2), 200-214.

Lei, L., Fan, C., Boile, M., & Theofanis, S. (2008).  Collaborative vs. Non-collaborative Container-Vessel Scheduling.   Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 44 (3), 504-520.

Lei, L., Wang, Q., & Fan, C. (2006).  Optimal Business Policies for a Supplier-Transporter-Buyer Channel with a Price-Sensitive Demand.   Journal of the Operational Research Society, 57 (3), 281-289.


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