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Aug 25

Manreet Singh Bhullar

Use of UV-C Irradiation to inactivate bacterial pathogens and viruses in coconut water

Jeronimo Gomes Da Silva Neto

Protecting Tennessee’s last relic

Sept 01

Cosmas-Mwendwa Muasya

Simultaneous encapsulation of antibiotic alternatives for target delivery in poultry intestinal tract

Nicole Andrea Witzel

Detecting the presence and abundance of streamside salamanders (Ambystoma barbouri) using environmental DNA in Middle Tennessee

Sept 08

Edmund Tettey Tetteh

Differences in meal and oil quality by winter canola and planting date in Tennessee

Emily G Hayes

Evaluation of Savanna Sires compared with Kiko and Spanish Sires for Birth to Weaning Meat Goat Kid Traits

Sept 15

Lijuan Zhang

Anti-inflammatory Effects and Molecular Mechanisms of Phytochemicals Combinations on Cardiovascular Disease

Xiaoyong Wang

Preventive Effects and Molecular Mechanisms of Phytochemicals in Breast Cancer Cells

Sept 22

Ravneet Kaur Sandhu

Effect of Stimplex on yield and growth performance of organic leafy greens in Tennessee

Jeremiah Joseph Sumpter

What is Macrophomina phaseolina

Sept 29

Bryan H Sallman

Mechanisms of tungsten adsorption to hematite

Kumuditha Dilanka Hikkaduwa Epa Liyanag

Current Trends of Organic Fruit and Vegetable Production in US

Oct 06

Man Kumari Giri

Use of Vegetation Indices as Predictor Variable for Aboveground Biomass Estimation

Ekundayo Opeyemi Adeleke

Understanding the microbial community and root system architecture responses of cellulosic herbaceous perennials grown in mixed contaminant soils

Oct 13

Anand Kumar

Increasing Agroforestry based Ecosystem Services and Farm Productivity of Marginal Farmers through Intercropping of Loblolly Pine and Switchgrass

C M Sabbir Ahmed

Germplasm enhancement in soybean (Glycine max) plants through genome editing and mutation

Oct 20

Shivam Chawla

Sustainable utilization of winder industrial oilseed crops in small-farm production systems for biodiesel production

Sochinwechi Ijeoma Nwosisi

Improving sweet potato production in organic management systems in Tennessee

Oct 27

Manoj Pandey

Relationship of imported fire ant species and hybrid status with worker size in colonies within Tennessee

Sujan Dawadi

Incidence of red maple tree insect pests in cover crop and non-cover crop production plots

Nov 03

Varinder Singh Sidhu

Yield performance of twenty-six organic cultivars of tomato grown in southern United States

Prabha Dhananjani Liyanapathiranage

Effect of Synthetic and Biorational products on Powdery Mildew Disease of Hydrangea

Nov 10

Xingbo Wu

Genetic diversity and structure analysis of Amaranth

Avis A Ortiz

American Ginseng Production

Nov 17

Faisl Abdullah Almotairi

Renewable resources in developing countries

George T Davis


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