Gala Tekeab

Tekleab S. Gala
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences


Contact Information:
Office 113 & 204C Farrell-Westbrook Building
Phone: (615) 963-7977
Fax: (615) 963-5744

Research Interests: Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

Referred Journal articles: 7
Book: 1
Conference and Workshop Proceedings: 5
Research Abstracts: 11
Conference Presentations: 17
Reports and Technical Papers: 2

Most Significant Publications

Gala TS (in preparation) Geospatial Analysis of Diabetes and Controls in Ontario Province, Canada

Kirk J and Gala TS (in preparation) Characterizing Spatial Clustering of Obesity/overweight and Controls in Ontario: The Utility of Health Profile Data Aggregated at Public Health Units

Gala TS and Kirk J (in preparation) Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Analysis of Crimes in the rural cities of Northern Ontario: the Case of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

Dessalegn D, Beyene S, WalleyF and Gala TS, (accepted with minor revision) Effects of topography and land use on soils characteristics along the toposequence of Ele Watershed in Southern Ethiopia. Catena Journal.

Gala TS (2012) Characterizing Surface and Near-Surface Water: Satellite-based Mapping on the Natural Grasslands of the Prairie Pothole Region, Central Canada, ISBN: 978-3-659-22907-7, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany.

Gala TS, CarlyleS and Trueman R (2012) Soil Hydrodynamics and Controls in Prairie Potholes Region, Central Canada. Area Journal, 44(3): 305 - 316

Gala TS and Melesse A (2012) Monitoring prairie wet areas with an integrated LANDSAT ETM+, RADARSAT-1 SAR and Ancillary DEM Data from LIDAR. Catena 95: 12 – 23.

Gala TS, Carlyle S, Aldred D and IF Creed (2011) Topographically based spatially averaging of SAR data improves performance of soil moisture model. Journal of Remote Sensing of the Environment 115(12): 3507 - 3526 .

Gala TS, Pazner M and Beyene S (2011) Evaluating biophysical attributes of environmentally degraded landscapes of Adwa district, Northern Ethiopia using LANDSAT ETM+ and GIS. EJESM 4 (1): 1 - 16.

Gala TS and Creed IF (2009) Soil hydrodynamics in the landscapes of prairie pothole. Proceeding of Institute of Wetland and Waterfowl Research (IWWR) Symposium, 7:16 - 17.

Gala TS and Creed IF (2009) Mapping soil moisture of the prairie potholes region using a hybrid LiDAR/RADAR approach Proceeding of Institute of Wetland and Waterfowl Research (IWWR) Symposium, 7:12 – 13.

Graduate Courses:
AGSC 6540 Advanced Database Design and Management
AGSC 6XXX Advanced Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis

Undergraduate Courses:
AGSC 3600 Image Analysis and Remote Sensing
Geog 2016 Introduction to Cartography
Geog 2131 Natural Environment
Geog 2030 Geography of Africa South of the Sahara

2010 PhD (Geography and Environmental Sciences) Western University, Canada
2001 MSc (Geo-information Sciences) Wageningen University, Netherlands
2001 MSc (Soil and Water) Wageningen University, Netherlands
1998 BSc (Agriculture - Plant Science) Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Joined staff: 2013


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