Sandria Godwin

Sandria Godwin
Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences

Contact Information
Office Location:  209 Humphries Hall
Telephone:  615-963-5619
FAX:  615-963-5033

Research Areas
Consumer food safety, increasing consumption of safer fruits and vegetables, food security, emergency preparedness, dietary assessment

Disaster Cover     Senior Cover
Food Safety During Emergencies    Food Safety for Older Adults

A full education curriculum including PowerPoint slide sets for "What Will You Do When Disaster Strikes" is available.

An interactive website concerning food safety for older adults can be found here.


Most Significant Publications
Godwin, S.L., R. Coppings, K. Kosa, S. Cates, and L. Speller-Henderson. 2010. Keeping Food Safe During an Extended Power Outage: A Consumer’s Perspective. Journal of Emergency Management. 8(6):44-50.

Kilonzo-Nthenge, A, E. Rotich, S. Godwin, and T. Huang. 2009. Consumer Storage Periods and Temperatures for Peanut Butter and Their Effects on Survival of Salmonella and E. Coli O157:H7. Food Protection Trends. 29(11):787-792.

Godwin, S. and E. Chambers IV. 2009. Observational Research: A Tool for Collecting Behavioral Data and Validating Surveys. Proceedings, SPISE 2009, pp 29-35. Available here

Cates, Sheryl C., Kosa, Katherine M.., Karns, Shawn., Godwin, Sandria L., Speller-Henderson, Leslie, Harrison, Robert and Ann

Draughon, F.(2009). Food Safety Knowledge and Practices among Older Adults: Identifying Causes and Solutions for Risky Behaviors. Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly,28:2,112 -126

Kilonzo-Nthenge, A., F. Chen, and S. Godwin. 2008. Occurrence of Listeria and Enterobacteriaceae in Domestic Refrigerators. Journal of Food Protection.  71(3):608-612.

Godwin, S., F. Chen, E. Chambers, IV, R. Coppings, and D. Chambers. 2007. A Comprehensive Evaluation of Temperatures within Home Refrigerators. Food Protection Trends. 27(3):16-21.

Chen, F. and S. Godwin. 2006. Comparison of a rapid ATP bioluminescence assay and standard plate count methods for assessing microbial contamination of consumer's refrigerators. Journal of Food Protection. 69(10): 2534-2538.

Godwin, S., F. Chen, and R. Coppings. 2006. Correlation of visual perceptions of cleanliness and reported cleaning practices with measures of microbial contamination in home refrigerators. Food Protection Trends. 26(7):474-480.

Godwin, S., E. Chambers IV, L. Cleveland, and L. Ingwersen.  2006. A new portion size estimation aid for wedge shaped foods. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 106:1246-1250.

Kilonzo-Nthenge, A., F. Chen, and S. Godwin. 2006. Efficacy of home washing methods in controlling microbial contamination on fresh produce. Journal of Food Protection. 69(2):330-334.

Godwin, S., R. Coppings, L. Speller-Henderson, and L. Pearson. 2005. Study finds consumer food safety knowledge lacking. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences 97(2):40-44.

Godwin, S. and R. Coppings. 2005. Analysis of consumer food-handling practices from grocer to home including transport and storage of selected foods. Journal of Food Distribution Research 36(1): 55-62.

Godwin, S. and R. Coppings. 2005. Analysis of consumer food-handling practices from grocer to home including transport and storage of selected foods. Journal of Food Distribution Research 36(1): 55-62.

Godwin S, McGuire B, Chambers E IV, McDowell M, Cleveland L, Edwards-Perry E, and Ingwersen L. 2001. Evaluation of portion size estimation aids used for meat in dietary surveys. Nutr. Res. 21(9):1217-1233.

NUFS 3120 Nutrition in the Global Community
NUFS 3330 Maternal and Child Nutrition
NUFS 4110 Advanced Nutrition
NUFS 4120 Quantity Food Procurement and Production
NUFS 4530 Medical Nutrition Therapy

Awards and Honors
Leader Award, American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2009
Agriculture and Home Economics Hall of Fame Inductee, Tennessee State University, 2009
Blue and White Award for Research and Creative Arts, August 17, 2007
Provost Selection as one of two outstanding TSU faculty to be featured at the OVC Tournament, March 2-3, 2007.
Blue and White All Star Award for Outstanding TSU Program, Foods and Nutrition Program, May 6, 2006.
Blue and White All Star Award for Outstanding TSU Faculty, May 6, 2006.
TSU Distinguished Faculty Researcher Award, 2005
Blue and White All Star Award for Outstanding TSU Program, Food Safety, Nutrition and Family Well-Being Team, Aug, 13, 2005
Outstanding Competitive Paper, Nutrition and Health, Association of Extension Administrators and Association of Research Directors Joint Conference, June 19-22, 2005. New Orleans.
A Manifest of Appreciation for Exceptional Grantsmanship Efforts, Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Research, Tennessee State University, 2004.
Distinguished Alumni Researcher Award, College of Human Ecology, Kansas State University, 2003.
Community Action Hero, Metropolitan Action Commission, Nashville, 2003 and 2004
Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Education, Office of the Mayor, Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, 2003.             
Tennessee Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Honor Award Recipient, 2002.

General Diploma   Cottey College
B.S., M.S., PhD    Kansas State University

Date joined staff:  1982

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