sJung-Im Seo

Jung-Im Seo
Assistant Professor
Fashion Merchandising
Department of Family Consumer Sciences
College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences





Contact Information:

Office Location: 305B  Humphries Hall
Telephone: 615-963-5626
FAX: 615- 963-5033

Research Areas:

Consumer Behavior, Product Involvement, Technology and E-Commerce, Retailing and Consumer Information Processing Issues

Most Significant Publications:

Seo, J-I, Hathcote, J. M., and Sweaney, A. L. (2001). Casual wear shopping behavior of college men in Georgia, USA.  Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 5(3), 208-222


FACS 1110- Textiles
FASH 1120- Cultural Interpretation of Dress
FASH 2030- History of Costume
FASH 2110- Principles of Apparel Construction
FASH 3000- Apparel Quality Analysis
FASH 4000- Display Merchandising
FASH 4030- Clothing Economics
FASH 4130- Dress Design and Draping
FASH 4140- Fashion Merchandising Seminar
FASH 4150- Internship in Fashion Merchandising
FASH 4440- Fashion Promotions & Events
FACS 3730- Entrepreneurship


B.S.- University of Tennessee at Martin: Major: Fashion Merchandising
M.S.- University of Georgia: Major: Fashion Merchandising
Ph. D.-University of Tennessee at Knoxville: Major: Retail and Consumer Science

Date joined staff:  2005

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