Janice S. Emerson, Ph.D.

  Janice S. Emerson  
  Associate and Acting Director
  Center for Prevention Research
  College of Agriculture, Human and
  Natural Sciences




Contact Information
Office Location: 124 Research and Sponsored Programs Building
Telephone:  615-963-5409
FAX:  615-963-5068
Email:  jemerson@tnstate.edu

Research Areas

Health policy, cancer and obesity prevention

Most Significant Publications

2013    Zhou Y, Emerson J, Levine R, Kihlberg C, Hull P. (2013). Childhood obesity prevention interventions in childcare settings: systematic review of controlled trials. American Journal of Health Promotion, e-pub ahead of print Sept., 2013.

2013    Levine, Robert S., Barbara Kilbourne, Paul Juarez, Courtney Kihlberg, Muktar Aliyu, Janice Emerson, Roger Zoorob. Comparing US military and civilian responses to the obesity epidemic. In Virginia M. Brennan, Shiriki K. Kumanyika, and Ruth Enid Zambrana (Eds.) Obesity Interventions in Underserved Communities: Evidence and Directions., Baltimore, MD: John Hopkins Press.

2012    Emerson, Janice S., Pamela C. Hull, Van A. Cain, Meggan L. Novotny, Celia O. Larson, Robert S. Levine. Challenges and Strategies in Serving the Uninsured in Nashville, Tennessee. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, 35(4), 323–334.

2012    Emerson, Janice S., Pamela C. Hull, Van A. Cain, Meggan Novotny, Rodney E. Stanley, Robert S. Levine. (2012). TennCare Disenrollment and Avoidable Hospital Visits in Davidson County, Tennessee, Journal for HealthCare of Poor and Underserved, 23(1).

2009    Emerson, Janice S., Michelle Reece, Robert S. Levine, Pamela C. Hull, Baqar A. Husaini. (2009). “Predictors of New Screening for African American Men Participating in a Prostate Cancer Educational Program.” American Journal of Cancer Education, 24(4), 341-5.

2008    Husaini, Baqar A., Janice Emerson, Michelle Reece, Samuel Scales, Pamela C. Hull, and Robert Levine. (2008). “A Church-Based Education Program on Prostate Cancer Screening for African American Men: Reducing Health Disparity.” Ethnicity and Disease, 8(S2), 179-184.

2008    Hull, Pamela C., Baqar A. Husaini, Susanne Tropez-Sims, Michelle Reece, Janice Emerson and Robert Levine. “EPSDT Preventive Services in a Low-Income Pediatric Population: Impact of a Nursing Protocol.” Clinical Pediatrics, 47(2), 137-142.

1999  Excellence in Health Services Research Award, National HBCU Research Network for Health Services & Health Disparities 2002  Inducted into Phi Kappa Phi as graduate student in Psychology, Tennessee State University
2002  Presentation at the Women’s Health Conference in Washington DC reported on in Oncology International.
2003  Graduated Summa Cum Laude with Masters in Counseling Psychology from TSU.
2010  Graduated Magna Cum Laude with Doctorate in Public Administration from TSU.


Ph.D. Public Administration (concentration in Health Policy), Tennessee State University 2010
M.S. Psychology, Tennessee State University 2003
B.S. Sociology, Tennessee State University 2000

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