An Peischel

An Peischel
Assistant Professor
Small Ruminant Extension Specialist
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
College of Agriculture

Contact Information
Office Location: 214D Farrell-Westbrook Complex
Telephone: 615-963-5539
FAX: 615-963-7798

Research Areas
The restoration/reclamation of decimated lands utilizing goats, multi-specie grazing/browsing, and invasive weed abatement

Refereed Journal Articles: 2
Abstracts: 11
Book chapters: 5
International conference Proceedings: 3
Popular press/scholarly contributions: 60
Extension manuals: 1
Conference presentations and invited lectures: 52

Most Significant Publications
Peischel, A. 2010. Goats in the Environment in: Goat Science and Production. Chapter 16: pp. 313-321. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.

Peischel, A. 2007.  Master Meat Goat Producer manual.  Chapter 13 (pp. 331-333), Chapter 3 (pp. 117-118), Chapter 1 (pp. 31-34), Chapter 8 (pp. 205-234 and 241-246).

Peischel, A. 2006.  A Primer for Providers of Land Enhancement in: Section IV, Chapter 16: Applying Targeted grazing.  pp. 170-177.  University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

Basic Animal Nutrition, Advanced Livestock Nutrition
Sheep Production, Beef Cattle Production, Goat Production
Horse Science and Management
Poultry Production, Rangeland Management
Livestock Management and Handling Techniques
Meat Science and Carcass Evaluation
Animal Science (Anatomy/Physiology of Livestock)
Food Forever (Non-Western Sustainable Agriculture)
Holistic Range and Livestock Production Management
Agriculture (Senior Research Project mentor)

Developed the Master Meat Goat Producer program
Travel throughout the state of Tennessee and the US presenting  programs/seminars/lectures on small ruminant production and management

AS – Agri-Business and Economics. Pennsylvania State University
BS – Animal Industries.  Southern Illinois University
MS – Animal Science.  Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brasil
PhD – Animal Science.  Kansas State University

Date joined staff:  2003

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