Alvin Wade

Alvin Wade
Associate Extension Specialist
Community Resources and Economic Development







Contact Information:

Office Location: 214H Farrell-Westbrook 
Telephone:  615.963-5533
FAX: 615.963-1840

Professional Experience:

2000-Current -Associate Extension Specialist, Community Resources and Economic Development, Cooperative Extension Program, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN 37209-1561

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for planning and conducting statewide CRED programs focusing on landownership in limited resource communities, and monitoring wells using the down-well camera to show the footage of water, wellhead protection, and casing to well owners, . Write fact sheets and articles for small farmers, and CRED customers.  Maintain state vehicles, computers, and inventory equipment at the university and TSU counties at the local level.  Provided leadership in the 2501 Small Farmer Outreach Training and Technical Assistance Program through 2005.

1975-1999            Agricultural Economics Specialist, Low-Income Farm Program,Cooperative Extension Program, Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN 37209-1561

Responsible for providing assistance to low-income families in the development of effective teaching methods  in farm management and marketing as related to special programs which will lead to better practices and  more profitable returns on commodities sold.

1974-1975            Agricultural Statistician, Statistical Reporting Service; 1305 Post Office Bldg., Boston, MA

Responsible for collecting statistical data for the weekly broiler report, chick hatch report, cross state movement of chicks, maple syrup, livestock slaughter  report, bees and honey,  mid-month price enumeration, farm income release, turkeys, mink, prices paid for food and  to assist with the quarterly
farm labor  surveys.

Fact Sheets posted at E-Research @Tennessee State University

Adverse Possession                                                            
Mineral and Air Rights                                                      
Eminent Domain and Condemnation                            
How to Find and Secure Business Financing
How Your Loan Request Will be Reviewed  
How to Write a Loan Proposal                                        
How to Start a Small Business                                         
Writing a Business Plan     

Awards and Honors:

Outstanding Support and Leadership UT MPHS Urban Gdn Program

Outstanding Specialist Award, 1996

Blue & White Extension Program Award, 2005


The City Beautiful Commission – Memphis, TN

Shelby County Small Farm Program

1st  National Small Farm Conference, 1996

Tri-State Community Leaders Conference,TN/MS/AR, 1997

Farm, Home and Ministers’ Institute (25 years), 1998

Dramatic Action Response Troupe, 2000

Evaluation Tools/Effective Reporting

1890 and 1994 Land-Grant Conference, 2001

KY/TN Institute for Sustainable Development


 B.S.,1972; Agricultural Economics; Tennessee State University

 M.S., 1974; Agricultural Sciences; Tennessee State University

M.ED, 1987; Adult Education, Tennessee State University Graduate courses in Educational Administration

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