Plant and Soil Science

We offer at the undergraduate level a major in Agricultural Sciences with a concentration in plant and soil science and specializations in agronomy and horticulture. The concentration in plant and soil science provides excellence in learning, research, and engagement in the production of food, fiber, turfgrass, and ornamentals, and stewardship in the use of the soil, water, and other environmental resources. Students in this concentration/specializations can minor in a number of areas and take advantage of excellent opportunities in research and internships. Since the faculty to student ratio is low, students receive outstanding advisement on coursework and career planning.

Teaching and Research

The Department of Agricultural Sciences is fortunate to have outstanding facilities, including well-equipped teaching, research, and computer laboratories, high-tech twenty-first century classrooms, state-of-the-art greenhouses and plant growth chambers, library holdings, pleasant areas for students to study and socialize, and three farms with more than 300 acres for research and hands-on experiences. We are also fortunate to be strongly allied with state and federal agencies, private industry, and other educational institutions that enhance our teaching, research, and job placement capabilities.

For more information contact Mr. W. Hayslett (Plant Science) or Dr. Desh Duseja (Soil Science).


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B.S. in Agricultural Sciences       with concentration in Plant and Soil Science

M.S. in Agricultural Sciences       with concentration in Plant and Soil Science


Development of biological based IPM for powdery mildew in flowering dogwood

Management of imported fire ants in Tennessee nursery production system using biopesticides

Development of new methods and treatments to manage imported fire ants and Japanese beetles in field-grown nursery plants

Alternatives to conventional pesticide in disease and pest management in nursery production system

Greenhouse and nursery businesses in Tennessee: assessing energy use and cost, type of skills needed and purchase decisions by consumers

A molecular model for tolerance to toxic metal ions in plants

Characterization of root proteomes for drought and salt tolerance in wild tomato species

Mitigating the effect of plant disease through an understanding of bacterial soft rot

Genetic characterization of upland cotton chromosome substitution lines using multiple molecular markers

Developing pigeonpea as a viable cash crop on small farms through research and outreach

Assessment of surface water quality for watershed decision making in nursery crop production

Development of superior camelina as a biofuel crop for Tennessee

Characterization of novel hydrolytic enzymes for improving conversion efficiency of lignocellulosic biomas into ethanol

Mutagenesis of switchgrass to select for herbicide resistant mutants and varieties and selection of alternative energy crops

Enhancing sustainable production of bioenergy crops: improving quality and quantity of switchgrass yield through harvest timing or organic amendment application


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