Food Technology

Consumers rarely think about the research and development that makes it possible to have readily-available and widely-varied foods. Food Technology is the science that is the basis of our safe and nutritious food supply. Food technologists conduct research and development in the physical and chemical composition of food, as well as its safety, preservation, packaging, and storage. Some familiar, and some not so familiar, names are associated with the development of the science of food technology. Louis Pasteur developed the process of sterilizing wine, milk, and milk products, now known as pasteurization, and in the process was a key figure in developing the fields of microbiology and preventive medicine. Nicolas Appert influenced food preservation by developing the process of canning, which provided a safe and effective means of long-term food storage. Many others have since developed methods of analyzing, testing, and improving our foods.

The Food Technology concentration within the Department of Agricultural Sciences provides a well-rounded education for future food technologists. The programs include coursework in food technology, biology, and chemistry, and build a foundation for successful, productive employment in the government and private sectors, as well as a pathway to advanced degrees.  

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B.S. in Agricultural Sciences       with concentration in Food Technology



Microencapsulation-based technologies for effective delivery of micronutrients and nutriceuticals through fortified and functional foods


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