Applied Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Geospatial Information Systems is an online stand-alone credential designed for degree-holding individuals who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in GIS for enhancement of their professional careers. The program prepares individuals to meet the rapidly increasing need for graduates highly qualified in the application and use of GIS. Certificate courses are designed and taught with a practical, applied orientation. The Certificate program requires the completion the six courses listed below (18 semester credit hours), and can be completed within twelve months.

Admission Process

Applicants for the Certificate must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education and must meet the Graduate School requirements for non-degree admission and retention as published in the University catalog. Requests for application forms and materials should be directed to the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

Certificate Requirements

To earn the Graduate Certificate in Applied Geospatial Information Systems, students must satisfactorily complete the following courses:

AGSC 6510 Advanced Geospatial Information Systems

AGSC 6520 Advanced Spatial Analysis

AGSC 6530 Advanced Geospatial Metadata

AGSC 6540 Advanced Spatial Database Design and Management

AGSC 6550 Advanced Geospatial Information Systems Application and Design

AGSC 6560 Advanced Global Positioning Systems

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