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Where Reading Counts!

The Reading Center is dedicated to providing support for University students which will enhance their experience in the reception and processing of ideas in the evaluation, application,  and retention of textual materials within their college courses.  The support is also designed to provide strategies to assist students with the application of high-level reasoning skills needed to identify, formulate, and solve problems.  An emphasis on the academic, social, and cultural facets of each student served helps enhance performance, retention, and student success!

Reading Center Vision and Mission 


Our vision is to ensure that we provide support to all students of Tennessee State University by meeting them at their level and helping them gain the skills they need in reading for a literate and productive future.


The mission of the Reading Center is to support students use of texts to better understand the various diverse discipline areas offered at Tennessee State University as they consume text to build knowledge and expressing text to convey that knowledge.

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john nandzo

Dr. John Nandzo

Coordinator of the Reading Center

Room 303



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Audrey Lukula

Dr. Audrey Lukula

Room 214



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Daniel patterson

Dr. Daniel Patterson

Room 315



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Ms. Jonell Hinsey

Room 207A

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Contact Us

Let us know how we can help you achieve success! For more information, please contact Dr. John Nandzo, Reading Center Coordinator, at 615-963-5572 or by email at . 

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