The Architectural Engineering Program has three (3) instructional laboratories that are equipped to support instruction. The instructional laboratories include:

ET 227 – This lab is used for basic computer graphics and intermediate computer graphics and design. This lab is equipped with 20 Pentium IV computers for student use and one Pentium IV for the instructor. Printing is supported by three networked printers, one plotter, and a print copier. The software used in this lab is ACES (AutoCAD education package). This lab is used for ENGR 1151, AREN 1111, AREN 3021, AREN 3121, and AREN 3501.

ET 248 – This manual graphics lab is used for the introductory architectural design course AREN 3011. This lab is intended to provide instruction and practice in manual graphics and small model making. This lab consists of 12 drafting tables. The student is responsible for equipment and supplies such as straight edge, triangles, paper, drafting supplies, etc. This lab is scheduled to undergo an upgrade during the fall 2003.

ET 225 - The senior design lab is considered a non-instruction lab and is used exclusively for seniors engaged in senior projects and other design work. The lab is divided into 12 workstation cubicles. The equipment in this lab consists of Pentium IV computers, printer/plotters, and a scanner. In addition, each workstation is equipped with a layout / drafting table. Software packages include; ACES (AutoCAD education package), RAM Advance Structural program, Factory CAD 7.0, and VisualDOE3, ArcGIS, and MicroStation.


NAME: Circuits I Laboratorylab
Room: ET 203. Area: 980 Sq.Ft.
PURPOSE: Teaching lab for ENGR 2000 - Circuits I. The purpose of the Circuits I Laboratory (ENGR 2001) is; (1) to introduce the student to the use of electrical test equipment, familiarize with the safety requirements, laboratory procedures and laboratory report format requirements; (2) to provide the student laboratory experiences that serve as a bridge between theory and practice; and (3) to provide experiences in the use of computer for circuit analysis, data acquisition and data analysis, (4) to provide experiences in data analysis, written communication and teaming. It has about 10 stations for experiments.

NAME: Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Room: ET 104. Area: 1000 Sq. Ft.
PURPOSE: Teaching lab for course CVEN 3100 – Fluid Mechanics

NAME: Mechanics of Materials Lab
Room ET 105. Area: 1200 Sq. Ft.
PURPOSE: Teaching Lab for courses CVEN 312l – Soil Mechanics Lab and ENGR 3300 –Materials Science

NAME: Soil Mechanics Lab
Room: ET 103 Area: 1,000 Sq. Ft.
PURPOSE: Teaching Lab for course CVEN 3131 – Soil Mechanics Lab

NAME: Thermo and Fluid System Lab
Room: ET 144 Area: 960 SQ. FT.
PURPOSE: Teaching Lab for course MEEN 4200 – Heating and Air Conditioning. The following testing procedures are done in this lab; Fluid mechanics, Heat transfer, Air conditioning and heating, and solar testing.

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