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 Undergraduate Program

Architectural Engineering deals with all engineering aspects of building performance, integrated with the building's architectural requirements. Architectural engineering students study all engineering aspects of building performance systems including structural systems design, heating ventilation and air conditioning design, electrical and power design, and construction and project management. Our four year curriculum also includes courses in architectural design intended to impart appreciation and basic understanding of aesthetic design and to give the student an understanding of architectural design and it relation to engineering. The design experience is culminated in a year-long capstone design course.

The Architectural Engineering program at Tennessee State University is an ABET- accredited Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering degree.

Most graduates work in the firms that do structural, HVAC, and electrical design. They may also work for smaller specialty firms that focus on any of the building systems design. Some graduates work as facilities managers or in the construction management area for large company. Some pursue graduate degree in Architecture or in other specialty branches of engineering. Graduates after several years in practice, are engaged in professional career in building industry.

Graguate Program

Currently Architectural Engineering Program does not offer a graduate program. Graduates from our Architectural Engineering Program may pursue graduate degrees in architectural engineering, architecture, or in other engineering fields from any accredited institutions.

For admission to any of the college of Engineering graduate programs, the prospective graduate student should apply through the TSU School of Graduate Studies.

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