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Refereed Articles 

Maples, L. D. & Hayes, R. D. (2012).  Side Effects of Cost Segregation.  Journal of Accountancy.  

Maples, L. D. (2011).  Advising Clients in Same-Sex Relationships.  Journal of Accountancy.  

Maples, L. D. (2010).  Using Goodwill When a Business Changes Hands.  National Public Accountant.  

Maples, L. D. (2010).  Vendor Allowances for Defective Merchandise Reduce Inventory Cost.  Journal of Accountancy.  

Maples, L. D., Turner, M., & Howard, B. (2009).  Tax Considerations for Buying and Selling Property With a Burdensome Lease.  Journal of Accountancy.  

Maples, L. D. (2008).  Lease Buyout Portion of Purchase Ruled Deductible.  Journal of Accountancy.  

Maples, L. D. (2008).  Tax treatment of Rebates May Be Clearing Up.  Journal of Accountancy.  

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