Terry Likes

Department Chair

Dr. Likes

E-mail: tlikes@tnstate.edu

Office: PAC 105

Phone: (615) 963-5804








Ph.D. University of Kentucky

MA Western Kentucky University

BA Maryville University-St. Louis




Terry Likes, Ph.D., is an award-winning educator and journalist.  Likes is the Chair of the Department of Communications and tenured full-Professor teaching multi-media Journalism at Tennessee State University in Nashville.  Likes has won 60 awards and honors in his career and, in 2015 won five Tennessee Associated Press awards, and a national first place from the Broadcast Education Association.  In 2013, the Southeast Journalism Conference named Likes, “Journalism Educator of the Year.”  Also in 2013, Likes was named one of the Top 25 Professors at Affordable Colleges.  During his seven years as Chair at TSU, he was won 44 national, regional and state journalism awards/honors, while his students have won 58 Society of Professional Journalists, Southeast Journalism Conference, National Broadcasting Society and Tennessee Associated Press awards.  Likes oversees the areas of Mass Communication, Communication Studies and Theatre.  In addition to raising the program to award-winning stature, other major initiatives during his term as chair include the creation of the Center for Media Arts and Production, collaborating with Art and Music departments on a $1.4 million grant for digital media and entrepreneurship, creating a black-box theatre, a complete overhaul of the curriculum and seeking TSU’s first accreditation in mass communication (ACEJMC).

             In television, Likes has worked professionally as a reporter for WFIE-TV (NBC) Evansville, IN., provided weekly commentary for WSMV-TV (NBC) Nashville, TN., did occasional play-by-play for WKYU-TV (PBS) Bowling Green, KY., and was a reporter for WVJS-TV and radio in Owensboro, KY.  His documentary on “Traditional vs. Tabloid: The State of American TV News,” won a National Press Club award while his video on media internships was featured in the Bonus Books catalog.  

             In radio, his reports have aired on the Tennessee Radio Network, Kentucky News Network and stations in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Tampa, St. Louis and Detroit while six reports also aired on Sirius/XM Ch. 142 the HBCU Network.  These reports have won 11 national Broadcast Education Association, 8 regional Edward R. Murrow awards and 26 Kentucky/Tennessee Associated Press awards.

             Likes has six published essays in the Journal of Electronic News, one article in the Journal of Media Education and written fifteen articles for professional media magazines.  He has conducted twenty-four presentations at conferences such as Society of Professional Journalists, Radio/TV Digital News Association and the Broadcast Education Association.

             Likes is on the Fulbright Specialists Roster.  He has had many fellowships including in 2013 when he was awarded a National Association of Television Program Executives Fellowship.  He also attended the Poynter Institute for Media Studies “New Curriculum for a New Journalism” seminar.  In 2012 he attended American Council on Education Leadership Academy for Department Chairs at Miami University (Ohio).  In 2008 and 2009 he was awarded Scripps Howard Fellowships to attend the Academic Leadership Academy at LSU.  In 2007 he attended the Poynter workshop for multimedia trainers.  In 2001 he participated in the Radio/TV News Directors Foundation “Excellence in Journalism Education” program via a faculty fellowship at WTHR-TV Indianapolis, IN.  

             Likes has helped turn two college programs into award winners.  In addition to the TSU student awards noted above, prior to TSU, Likes taught at Western Kentucky University for twenty years.  During a ten-year span overseeing student newscasts at WKU, his pupils won 254 awards including 35 national Hearst awards, 74 regional Society of Professional Journalists awards, 145 Kentucky Associated Press awards along with two mid-South regional Emmy nominations and six Radio-TV News Directors Foundation scholarships.  

             Likes earned his doctorate at the University of Kentucky, has a Masters Degree from Western Kentucky University, and BA from Maryville University-St. Louis.  Likes also attended Southern Methodist University as an undergraduate and took graduate courses at SIU-Carbondale.  

             Likes is married to Tammy Garrison, former chief meteorologist for WDRB-TV Louisville, KY and owner of Magnolia Quarter Horses.  Together they are legal guardians for Katie Pearson.  When not at work, Likes enjoys spending time with family, weight training, bike riding, water-skiing and watching football.


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