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The links listed here are external to TSU and may change or be taken down all together. You are responsible for the sources you use, so be careful to review the quality of all pages. Some basic questions to ask about any web page: 1) Who is the author? Look at the url—remember that .com meets commercial (something to sell) and not communication. Is the author(s) “experts” on the subject? 2) When was the material last updated? 3) What is the source of the material? 4) Is this site respected and used by others? 5) Can I verify and double-check all of the content?

APA Documentation

Curriculum Vitae

Effective Interviewing

Effective Presentation

Electronic Publishing, etc.

History Scholarship


Invention & General

MLA Documentation

Political Science


Résumé Writing

Scientific Writing

Using Resources in Writing


Writing Opportunities

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